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Shelf Towel Radiators

Need a towel radiator with a little extra storage? Or perhaps you would like a towel radiator that just has shelves instead of towel rails? Well whatever your needs are, you've come to the right page. Our shelf towel radiators vary in size, design and function. All helping you make the most of your space. These can also be placed in any room around the home or office.

Heated Towel Rails With Shelves For Storage. Free UK Delivery On Selected Items.

We have some towel radiators that add instant character to your front room, by mimicking shelves so guests won't even notice it's a radiator. Or we have smaller radiators that can be fitted above your sink for your face cloths and towels. You'll never have to worry about space again with our large and small towel radiators.

Shelf heated towel rails are some of the best on the market today, and bring a wide range of designs, materials and heat outputs to your home. One of the main reasons why shelf heated towel rails are so popular is due to what is often a lack of space in the bathroom. Due to the wide range of appliances in the bathroom, it is often a case of utilising the height of the room to jump the hurdle of cramped wall space. This is why it can often be difficult to find towel radiators to suit your needs, but with the shelf heated towel rail you are faced with a wide range of options for multi-functional heating.

The shelf towel rail allows you to store, fold over and drape your towels on this compact yet powerful heating unit, and can be made from a wide range of materials. With electrical, central heating and dual fuel options the heated towel rail is one of the most exciting options when it comes to home heating, bringing a breath of fresh air to your home whilst also ensuring quality, originality and efficiency.

If you would like to learn more about all the benefits of our towel radiators then see our blog.

Even radiators need the required BTU to heat your space, so make sure you use our free BTU calculator today to find out what BTU output you’ll need.

Struggling To Find What You're Looking For?

If shelf towel radiators offer more storage than you need then just check out our ladder towel radiators instead, these offer towel rails but without the additional shelf. If you're really limited on space then see our full range of small towel radiators, they might be small, but pack a powerful punch.

Still can't decide? See our full range of modern towel radiators for that luxurious look at a low price.. If you looking for a bargain then don't miss our radiator sale!

If you have any questions regarding our towel radiators or any other of our products, please contact us today. Our award winning team of specialists are more than happy to help.

Shelf Towel Radiators Popular Questions

Are Towel Radiator Shelves Safe?

Some of our towel radiators come installed or have the option of adding radiator shelves, these are completely safe to use when your radiator is on, you can keep almost anything on your radiator shelves, but we do recommend moving cold drinks if you’d like to keep them cold!

Are Shelf Towel Radiators A Good Idea?

Towel radiators with shelves are brilliant if you're limited on space in your bathroom, kitchen or utility room, or if you have a large family. You can fold your already dried towels onto your shelves so that they’ll be nice and warm when the radiator is switched on. You can also use these shelves for when you've folded your clothing and are either waiting to wear them or waiting to put them away.

How Do Shelf Towel Radiators Work?

Most radiator shelves work just like a towel rail would, the built in options warm up when the radiator gets hot. Some radiator shelves that need to be bought separately do not heat up. But they are still extremely useful when attached to your radiator.

What Can I Put On A Towel Radiator Shelf?

Almost anything can be put on your radiator shelf, from dry clothes to ornaments on the none heat up shelves. But it does depend on what radiator and what shelf you decide to purchase. Radiators with shelves like the Reina Alento do have gaps in so it's not recommended to put anything fragile on them, they can also get very hot too. Other shelf towel radiators like our Reina Ronchi are good for ornaments as the shelf doesn't get as hot, they are secure and have no gaps so more fragile items are suitable (if you know they’ll be safe in that area), you can even put some lovely smelling wax melts on them to make your front room or hallway smell mesmerising.