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Towel Radiators

Welcome to Designer Radiators Direct, your one-stop shop for all things radiator related. We sell a fantastic range of radiators, including towel radiators. We often receive similar questions in reference to our towel radiators, so we have provided you with this brief guide to help address any issues you may have. 

1. Should I buy an Electric Towel Radiator or a Centrally Heated towel radiator?

This is largely a matter of personal preference, although there are clear advantages and disadvantages with both. Electric towel radiators are independent of the central heating system, and so enable you to have greater control over bathroom heating. With centrally heated radiators, you need to switch on the entire central heating system in order to heat the bathroom – you can switch off the other radiators in the home, but that's time consuming. Central heating is cheaper than electric heating, but the difference is marginal. In short, electric towel radiators offer greater control. The best option for those of you with central heating is to buy a dual fuel radiator. This radiator can be heated via central heating, or independently via the electric system.

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Bathrooms can become extremely damp – especially those that do not have windows. Much of this damp comes from the towels and the bathmats. A towel radiator will dry towels individually, and will therefore help to prevent mould and mildew. Furthermore, you will have warm towels when you step out of the bath or shower.

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3. How big should the towel radiator be?

You need to work out how many Btu are required to heat the room (use our Btu calculator to establish this figure). Next, you need to establish how much space you have in your bathroom. Finally, you need to select a radiator with the required Btu that fits in the available space – this may mean purchasing a vertical radiator, rather than a horizontal radiator, but this is normal for bathroom spaces.

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4. Which style should I buy?

Style is a matter of personal preference, and you should choose a radiator that appeals to you and that fits the style of the bathroom.

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5. Which finish should I choose?

Some people claim that finish makes a difference with radiator efficiency, but this is not the case. There is a slightly improved efficiency with chrome radiators, but that is marginal. Therefore, choose a finish that fits with your bathroom, and that you like.

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