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Valves & Accessories

When buying a radiator it's important you have the correct accessories for that radiator. That's where our DRD radiator valves and accessories come in. We have a huge range of valves, radiator feet, sleeving kits, towel bars & wall stays to choose from.

Radiator Valves & Radiator Accessories, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items.

We have a wide range of different radiator accessories, some which are essential for your radiator and others that are optional, if you're new to radiators it can be a bit difficult to understand what each thing is, so here is a little guide on what our radiator accessories are.

One important accessory though are radiator valves, we recommend that you check what valves your current radiator has or see your pipes as some valves might not be suitable for you. Also ensure you check the new radiator you're choosing as some radiators do require specific valves.

Struggling To Find What You're Looking For?

If you're looking for budget friendly radiators then see our radiator sale with up to 50% off selected radiators.

Perhaps your after a specific type of radiator? If you are then check out our range of column radiator or panel radiator. If your looking for something to match a modern interior then you'll love our extensive range of modern radiator.

If you're struggling on what you need or have any questions about our radiator accessories or choosing a new radiator then please contact us today, our award winning customer service team is here to help.

Valves & Accessories Popular Questions

How Do I Know What Radiator Parts I Need?

Many radiators do come with some required pieces, but if you're unsure of what you need or are unsure of what pieces are like the valve extensions then please see our short blog, this informs you about each piece and what it is to make purchasing your new radiator easier.

What Do I Need To Buy With A Radiator?

Not all accessories are needed when purchasing a radiator, but are just optional for boosted function or style. Though some accessories are required for certain radiators and some accessories are highly recommended for other radiators. It does all depend on what radiator you decide to purchase.

Many of our radiators come with the required fixings and wall brackets but not with radiator valves, these are sold separately and are needed to adjust heat that your radiator produces.

If you purchased a cast iron radiator the wall stays are sold separately, these secure your cast iron radiator to your wall, as they are very heavy they can do a lot of damage and can cause significant injury if they fall or tip over, wall stays prevent this so are highly recommended if your purchasing a cast iron radiator.

Radiator tail extensions are not a necessity unless you need to slightly adjust the size if your radiator doesn't fit. Air vents and plugs make it easier to bleed your radiator, though not required. They are very useful.

If you are unsure about what accessories or valves you might need you can always contact us, our team of specialists is here to help you out.