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Sleeving Kits

Radiators are a long lasting addition to your home, so you want something that’s effective, durable and of course, stylish. But what's often left out, is the old, dated copper pipe that your radiator is installed to. It may not seem like much, but this can affect the seamless, elegant aesthetic you want your radiator to provide.

Not only do our sleeving kits add a sleek, seamless look, but they also give a little added durability to your pipes.

Pipe Sleeving Kits, Great Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Pipe sleeving kits are pretty much a sleeve or cover for your radiator pipes. They don’t affect the performance of your radiator, but instead, offer a stylish finish. They go over your current pipes to add stability and a little extra protection.

Radiator pipes are often very hot when your radiator is switched on too. Pipe sleeving kits can somewhat help with this. Though we don’t recommend touching the pipes, in short bursts, pipe sleeves can reduce the surface temperature of your radiator pipes as they give a space between the pipes and the pipe sleeves. Though, if your radiator has been switched on for a very long time, even the pipe sleeving kits can get hot.

If you're looking at purchasing a pipe sleeving kit, do it for style. We have a wide range of pipe sleeves in a gorgeous selection of colours, so you can perfectly match your pipes to your radiator.

Or add a little contrast, for example; Adding gold sleeving kits and valves to a black radiator can give your radiator a unique flair and really boost the look of your interior. Sometimes it's the little touches that can make the biggest difference.

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If you're looking for a finish to match your radiator and aren’t sure which finish you have, or can't decide on a radiator then contact us for advice. Our award winning team is more than happy to help you choose a radiator with matching valves and sleeving kits.

Pipe Sleeving Kits Popular Questions

What Is The Best Thing To Cover Your Radiator Pipes?

If you're looking at covering unsightly copper pipes then you’ll want to look at our pipe sleeving kits. They come in a range of coloured finishes so you can match your pipes to your radiator for a seamless finish.

Do Pipe Sleeve Kits Improve Your Radiators Function?

Pipe sleeving kits are designed to slip over your current pipework to hide the old, dated pipes. They are not designed to improve performance, they are for aesthetic purposes only. They do add a little durability to your pipes by giving them an extra layer of protection, but it is still recommended to be careful around your pipes.

Do I Need A Pipe Sleeving Kit For My New Radiator?

You do not need to purchase a pipe sleeving kit with your radiator but it is recommended. This is because, if you want to add pipe sleeves down the line, you’ll have to remove your valves, which we recommend a plumber do. It is a lot easier to install pipe sleeves when you are installing your new radiator.

What Should I Do If My Pipe Sleeving Kit Is Too Long?

Don’t panic! Pipe sleeving kits are thin pieces of metal, if your pipe sleeving kit is too big for your pipes, measure it up and cut off the extra length, we recommend being extra careful with this as it can be easy to cut off too much, making it too small. If you are not confident in doing this yourself, you can ask your local plumber to come out to cut and fit this for you. If you have any questions about sizing or have any other questions just contact us today, our award winning team of specialists can give you expert advice.