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Struggling to decide between gas central heating radiators and electric radiators? Why not combine them with help from our useful T-pieces and turn your radiator into an efficient dual-fuel radiator.

What is a Dual-Fuel Radiator And How Do They Work?

Dual-fuel radiators combine electric power and gas meaning that you can power your radiator how you choose. For example, you can easily change between using gas to heat your dual-fuel radiator in the colder winter months and then electricity in the hotter summer months when your radiators aren’t used as much.

You can not switch between gas or electric without having one of these useful T-pieces. They connect to your pipe and radiator but come with an extra space for an electric heating element so you can power your radiator through electricity.

When deciding on a dual-fuel radiator it is important to know the BTU your room requires. Our BTU calculator can calculate the BTU and WATT for you, so you know exactly what to look for in a radiator and in turn, what size electric heating element you should get.

T-pieces are highly affordable and can be used to help you save money in the long run by turning your radiator into a dual-fuel. To learn more about dual-fuel radiators and their benefits see our blog.

Speak To Our Radiator Specialist For Advice

Many of our horizontal radiators are suitable for dual-fuel heating. Take a look at our range of designer radiators to help you find your dream radiator. For a more ornate look, we recommend our traditional radiators. If you are interested in a dual-fuel bathroom radiator we recommend you take a look at our wide range of towel radiators, many of these heated towel rails can be converted into dual-fuel.

Please remember that if you do decide on a dual fuel radiator you will also need an electric heating element, a dual-fuel radiator will not have electric functions without these.

We have a wide range of radiators and accessories on sale. So if you need valves, elements or a high quality bargain radiator please visit our sale page.

If you have any questions regarding our dual-fuel radiators or need help finding a dual-fuel radiator please contact us today. Our award-winning customer service team is happy to help you.

T-piece Popular Questions

What Is A T-piece For Dual-Fuel Radiators?

A radiator T-piece or T Junction allows you to turn your central heating radiator into a dual fuel radiator by granting an extra slot to allow you to connect an electric element.

What Does A T piece Do?

A radiator T-piece or T Junction turns suitable central heating radiators into dual-fuel. This means you can use the dual fuel radiator as a central heating radiator or an electric radiator. They are more popular for electric towel radiators, so it is whatever takes your fancy. It’s easy to change between the two heating systems thanks to a T-piece.

What Is A Dual Fuel Radiator?

A dual fuel towel rail or radiator is fitted with either a manual or thermostatic valve and an electric heating element so you can power the radiator through your boiler or your electricity. Dual fuel radiators offer flexibility with heating and can help lower your heating bills throughout the year.

What Radiators Can Be Dual-Fuel?

Dual fuel is more common in towel radiators and heated towel rails, but they can be installed in many horizontal radiators too. They are less common in vertical radiators due to the shape of the radiator and the power required. If you would like help in finding a radiator or heated towel rail that is suitable for dual-fuel please contact us today and we can give you some recommendations.

Do I Need A T-Piece?

If you want your radiator to be installed with dual-fuel functions you will need a T-piece to do this as it allows for valves and electric elements to both be fitted into one radiator or heated towel rail.

How Do I Know What Heating Element I Need?

When looking at purchasing an electric heating element its important to know the heat output required for your space, the wattage needed and what watt the element reaches. Be sure to pick an electric heating element with the wattage you need, if it is to low your radiator will not get hot enough or you will have issues heating your space. If you are looking at purchasing a new radiator and heating element we recommend you use our free BTU calculator to work out the BTU and wattage required to heat your space.