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Anthracite Grey Radiator Valves

Have complete control over the look and feel of your radiator with our valve sets. Our anthracite grey radiator valves provide an affordable style boost for your radiators and your aesthetic. Why not upgrade your radiator valves for a complete luxury finish.

Match Your Valves To Your Radiator. Shop Anthracite Grey Radiator Valves, Free UK Delivery on Selected Items.

Anthracite is a dark grey finish that somewhat resembles a coal colour. It's not too bold like black and not too light, it looks striking on both radiators and radiator valves. It is a popular coloured finish for many interior designers due it's ability to suit almost any aesthetic.

If you're looking for an affordable way to add character to your radiator and interior then the anthracite grey valve is the way to do this. We have a range of manual valves which turn your radiator on or off and a choice of thermostatic valves (TRV) which allows you to adjust the temperature of your radiators for optimised comfort. These anthracite grey radiator valve sets also come modern styles and traditional designs to suit whatever radiator and décor you have.

Choosing the correct valve is important, we have many different types of radiator valves from angled valves and corner valves to straight valve sets, so it can be a little confusing choosing the correct valve for your radiator. If you aren't sure which valves you need, or would like to find out the different valves available please see our informative guide.

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We have an amazing range of valves available at brilliantly low prices. If you're looking for valve sets to match a classic column radiator, see our traditional radiator valves or if you're after something a little more contemporary we recommend you check out our sleek modern radiator valves.

Looking for a matching radiator to go with these anthracite grey valves? We have a range of stunning anthracite grey radiators to match beautifully with these valves.

Shop our range of valves and accessories on sale if you are looking to boost the appeal of your radiator at a budget friendly price. We also have a range of high-quality radiators on sale to give your property a luxury finish at a low cost.

If you can’t find the valves you need, or have any questions regarding any of our valve sets, radiators or services please contact us today. Our team of specialists will answer any questions you may have.

Anthracite Grey Radiator Valve Popular Questions

What Does A Radiator Valve Do?

Our radiator valves control the temperature of your radiators. Manual valves allow you to switch your radiator on and off. Thermostatic valves let you adjust the heating so you can pick the perfect temperature for you.

What Type Of Radiator Valve Will I Need?

Not all radiator valves will fit the placement you have in your property or the radiator. So here is a simple explanation of each valve so you can purchase one with ease.

Angled Radiator Valves - If your pipe work exits the floor and your radiator has side connections. OR, If your pipes are coming from the wall and the radiator has underneath connections you’ll need angled valves.

Straight Radiator Valves - If pipe work is coming from the floor and the radiator has underneath connections then you’ll want straight valves.

Corner Radiator Valves - If your pipes are coming from the wall and your radiator has side connections OR if the pipes are exiting the wall and the radiator has underneath connections, you’ll want to look for corner valves.

What Styles of Radiator Valves Are Available?

We have a wide selection of radiator valves that are suitable for all types of radiators, whether traditional or modern, horizontal or vertical. Take a look at some of our options below:

Modern Radiator Valves - For more sleek radiators like flat panel radiators and contemporary radiator designs.

Traditional Valve Sets - Suitable for all radiators, but look exceptionally well with classic column radiators.

Square Valve Sets - This simple design matches well with any contemporary radiator style.

Cross Head Valves - The unique handle design of these valves add character to modern radiators and match brilliantly with traditional radiator designs.

Do I Need New Radiator Valves?

Radiator valves are not a requirement if you already have a radiator and valves. You can just keep the old valves if you are purchasing a new radiator, but not all radiators fit all valves, so pay close attention to where the valves would be on the new radiator and see if it is the same as your current radiator. If you need help with this please contact our team and we will help you choose a radiator with the same placement as your current one.

If the current valves you own are working fine, then think about if the valves will suit the new radiator. If you're spending money on a new stylish radiator, you won’t want battered, old radiator valves or valves that don’t look right as it will ruin the look of your new radiator.

If you do not want to spend a lot on new valves then see our valves on sale. We have a range of styles to choose from at very low prices.