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Ultraheat Radiators

Dating back to 1989, Ultraheat is one of the country's leading sellers of simple yet effective radiators. With a range that dates back to the beautiful and classic horizontal flat panel radiators and now incorporates a whole host of new and unique designs. You’ll be pleased by the value for money, effective heating, and diverse shapes, sizes, and colours. Ultraheat is continually updating its models to reflect the ever-shifting needs of the customer, their expectations and current trends.

Based in Milton Keynes, Ultraheat radiators are built by national leaders in the industry. With a whole host of beautiful models to choose from, the Ultraheat range has been deemed the top choice for professionals for years now. With love and stability built into each radiator model, the Ultraheat range is some of the best durable radiator models.

Ultraheat Radiators, Low Prices And Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

With their wide range of simple designs, Ultraheat offers radiators to suit any aesthetic and heating needs.

Our selection of Ultraheat's radiators offers a breath of fresh air in your space, bringing towering columns, spiralling blade designs and bold panelled squares. Our range includes a diverse selection of panel radiator sizes, as well as clean and crisp towel radiators that will fit seamlessly into your any room. With a huge selection of sizes and finishes to choose from, Ultraheat radiators are at the top of the boutique radiator game and bring more than just warmth to the home.

On top of this, you'll find a range of more unique radiator models, including the striking yet subtle Ultraheat Planal. This is a panel radiator that can be wall-mounted for hallways and living spaces. With smooth and satisfying designs, the Ultraheat range promises subtlety and style in equal measure.

To find out more about some of the best Ultraheat radiators, take a look at our Ultraheat blog. and if you want to give your new Ultraheat radiator a complete look then check out the Ultraheat accessories.

Before you decide on your perfect ultraheat radiator you need to find out the optimal BTU output to heat your space effectively. You can do this by using our free BTU calculator. This will allow you to see what type and size of Ultraheat radiator successfully will heat your space.

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Ultraheat Radiators Popular Questions

Are Ultraheat Radiators Good?

Ultraheat offers a wide range of radiators that all boast impeccable heat outputs. Creating a warm space in any home or office. Their more classic designs are favoured by customers looking for that simple yet stylish effective radiator. But that's not all ultraheat has to offer, their designer radiators come in a stunning range of vertical radiators, column radiators and sleek panel radiators, suiting any room. With the range of colour options, it can match your aesthetic seamlessly.

Are Ultraheat Radiators Affordable?

Ultraheat stands out for their affordable prices, ranging from £23 to £725, all their radiators offer an abundance of style without breaking the bank. This doesn’t mean they offer less quality, in fact they are one of the country’s leading sellers of cost effective, high quality and durable radiators!

What Are The Best Selling Ultraheat Radiators?

Starting off strong, we have the extremely popular Compact Double Panel Radiator. It's a classic design that’s probably been in every home at one point. Its panel and convector design optimises heat output, creating brilliant heat that could warm the arctic! To give this classic radiator a modern twist we've also added an anthracite finish option.

For something more contemporary we have the Ultraheat Visage Vertical Radiator, its range of colour options allows you to give your interior a seamless finish. It's no wonder this is a popular vertical radiator. The range of sizes fit many spaces and its 10 year warranty adds even more appeal.

This Ultraheat 3 Column Horizontal Radiator is perfect for those traditional rooms, its simple column design is instantly enhanced by the range of colour options, It's also available as a vertical radiator for those wanting a little more modernity!