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Small Towel Radiators

Just because you only have a small amount of space doesn't mean you can't enjoy a great looking and performing radiator. The average home in the UK is getting smaller so here at DRD, we have brought together some of the best small heated towel rails on the market for you. Our range suits small rooms of any shape so there's no reason that you can't add stylish radiators to your space.

Despite their size, our small heated towel rails still make a massive impact on the style of your home with our excellent choice of designs. Our collection includes vertical and horizontal designs with a great selection of styles and finishes to complete your look.

Just remember, towel radiators are no longer limited to just bathrooms. We have a wide selection of towel rails that look luxurious in kitchens, cloakrooms and more. They are just as functional for your kitchen towels, coats and laundry too.

Small Towel Radiators, Low Prices And Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Modern technology is jumping leaps and bounds, not just for computers, but for other home appliances, this includes radiators. It means no matter the size of the radiator, they’ll pack a brilliant punch. So when you see a smaller radiator or small towel rail, don’t judge it straight away. Check its heat output first, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Small towel radiators are suited to a smaller space due to their miniature size and will help you to keep heat in. With many materials to choose from, many spaces need a small towel radiator to bring in that heat and keep those towels warm. You do not spend a huge portion of the day in the bathroom or even kitchen, so it's only necessary to inject small bursts of heat when it’s needed most. This is why a small towel radiator is perfect. The towel rail often comes in a variety of different settings, whether you want it to be part of your central heating system, a dual fuel model or completely electric.

All of our radiators offer brilliant heat outputs, many come in a wide range of sizes and we have hundreds of luxury styles at affordable prices, so don’t worry! At DRD we understand that many homes are limited in space so we have your back. Before purchasing a radiator at DRD, it's best to calculate the BTU output of your room so you can find the most appropriate size radiator. Use our free BTU calculator to find out what BTU requirement and Watt output will efficiently heat your room.

If you'd like to learn more about small radiators please have a look at our informative guide.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you can’t find what you want on this page then please see our full range of towel radiators. If you perhaps need a small radiator for a different room then see our collection of small radiators, in various sizes and designs you’ll find something for any space.

If you’re looking for something completely different, we’d recommend looking at our full range of designer radiators.

However, if you’re looking for a bargain, take a look at our impressive sale page. Here at DRD, we believe that everybody should be able to have a high-quality radiator without breaking the bank.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us today. We have an award winning customer service team who are waiting to help you with any enquiries you may have.

Small Towel Radiators Popular Questions

Can A Small Towel Radiator Heat My Bathroom?

Towel radiators aren’t as strong as your typical radiator, but that doesn’t mean it can't heat up your space. If sized correctly, they can heat up your room no problem. But if you are limited on space and need a smaller radiator than what your room's BTU requires then it will struggle to heat your room to the optimal temperature you've set.

This doesn't mean that you shouldn't look at getting a small radiator, if you're only using your room for a short amount of time, it will be effective in heating your towels and warming the room for that short time you’ll need it for. The room just might take a little longer to heat or won’t get as hot as other rooms.

Will It Be Costly To Heat A Small Towel Radiator?

In short, no. Because small towel rails don’t use as much water as other radiators, or if its electric, as much power. This means they can get hotter a little quicker and aren't using as much energy. But it is recommended you get a radiator that has the correct BTU to heat your space. If the BTU is well under what is recommended for your room you might find yourself leaving the radiator on for longer, which in turn, bumps up the cost.

Am I Limited In Choice With Small Towel Radiators?

Thanks to modern times, technology is getting smaller and stronger. This includes radiators, so now, we can offer a lot more choice when it comes to small towel radiators. We have plenty of choice to choose from, all in a range of BTU outputs and designs. So you’ll likely find a small towel rail for you.