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Anthracite Grey Towel Radiators

Anthracite Grey is one of the most popular radiator finishes sold. Not sure what anthracite grey is? Well, anthracite refers to the dark grey hue on the radiator. Why is it so popular? Interior designers love anthracite grey radiators for their flexibility to fit into many interiors. And yes, we also mean our anthracite grey towel radiators too. Not to dark and not to light, they harmonise brilliantly in most rooms no matter the aesthetic.

Anthracite Grey Towel Radiators, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Anthracite grey towel radiators are well known for being some of the most useful and stylish towel radiators you can find. With their range of small and large sizes, the anthracite grey heated towel rails are a multi-functional work of designer ingenuity, ensuring that whatever space you need cosy towels in, your designer towel rails will find a way to fit.

Their luxury anthracite grey finish looks especially elegant in bathrooms. But they also make stylish kitchen radiators, utility radiators and more. Wherever you feel you need to hang towels or clothing, these anthracite grey towel rails will suit. And if you're limited on space then we sell an array of anthracite grey radiators in a plethora of designs and sizes, so even if you have a small bathroom, you'll be able to fit one of our towel radiators. On top of this, you can find a wide selection of towel radiators that run on a range of energy outputs including electric, dual fuel and central heating models.

These modern anthracite heated towel rails bring a touch of originality to a space, and don't let up when it comes to heat efficiency and power output. Whether your radiator is aluminium, steel or iron, consider the anthracite radiator finish to complete your interior décor.

But before you decide on your dream anthracite grey towel rail, it’s important to work out the required BTU output for your space. We have created a free BTU calculator for you to use. This will allow you to view the towel radiators that will efficiently heat your space.

If you’d like to learn more about towel radiators and how to choose the right towel rail, take a look at our informative guide.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

If you can’t find the perfect towel radiator on this page then visit our full range of towel radiators. We have a plethora of designs ranging from traditional towel radiators, classic ladder towel radiators and modern towel rails. If you can't decide on your towel rail material then we recommend having a look at our aluminium towel radiators, chrome towel rails and stainless steel towel radiators.

Loving the anthracite grey finish and want a living room radiator to match? Then see our huge selection of anthracite grey radiators . These are available as both horizontal radiators and vertical radiators.

Looking for a budget friendly radiator that has endless style and high heat outputs? Visit our radiator sale page. Our radiators for sale include high quality coloured towel radiators and electric radiators.

If you need a helping hand deciding on a radiator or towel rail, or if you have any questions regarding any of our products or services then please contact us today. Our award winning team of radiator specialists are on hand and here to help you.

Anthracite Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Is An Anthracite Grey Finish?

Anthracite grey is the dark grey hue you'll see on some of our finished radiators and towel rails. It doesn't offer any additional heating benefits, instead this is purely for a style boost to fit various interior designs. If you're looking for a finish that will stand out and add instant luxury to your space then anthracite radiators are the way to go.

Are Anthracite Grey Towel Radiators Heat Effective?

As stated above, the anthracite grey finish creates no additional heating boosts and doesn't negatively effect the heat output. The finish is for aesthetic purposes. All of our anthracite grey radiators and towel radiators have exceptional heat outputs and can heat a large room regardless of the finish. So if your looking for a specific finish, you don't have to worry about the finishes effecting them as our coloured radiators work just as well as other radiators.

What Size Anthracite Grey Towel Rail Would I Need?

It is recommended before purchasing any radiator or towel radiator, that you use our free BTU calculator for precise readings on the heat output you’ll need for your room. This is so you can get an effective radiator that has a high enough output that it heats your space with ease.

Why Are Anthracite Radiators & Towel Rails So Popular?

Interior designers absolutely love anthracite grey on radiators. It adds effortless style and can blend into most interiors. These anthracite grey radiators match brilliantly with dark blue interiors, green aesthetics and so much more. To learn more about why anthracite grey is so popular, see our blog.

How Much Are Anthracite Towel Radiators?

Our fantastic range of anthracite towel radiators varies in price. With the starting price being well under £100, you can’t go wrong! Not too long ago, anthracite radiators were the pricier option for buyers looking to update their property, but thanks to widespread popularity, this design feature can now be achieved on a far more affordable budget.

Is it Important to Clean My Radiators and Towel Rails?

A clean radiator not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also ensures your radiator has a long life. You might notice that once you clean a dusty or dirty radiator, the efficiency will start to rise. Because the heat will be able to escape into the air easier, warming your space quicker. So it's important to keep your radiators clean.

Thankfully it's not any harder cleaning an anthracite radiator than it is any other. All you’ll need is mild soap, a cloth and a soft non abrasive sponge.