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Paladin Radiators

Paladin Radiators are some of the most distinctive on the market today. Melding innovation with tradition, the Paladin Radiator range brings new life to the classic cast iron column radiator.

Paladin is a company based in Lincolnshire and, because they use British made iron to build their radiators, they are some of the most sturdy heating systems available on the market today. With all materials made in England, the Paladin team has spent two decades handcrafting some of the finest heating units in the country.

Paladin Cast Iron Radiators, Low Prices & Free Delivery On Selected Items

Steeped in history and tradition, these classic designs are embellished with beautiful and unique touches that truly make them one-of-a-kind. Whatever style of interior your space has, a cast iron column from the Paladin Radiator team will undoubtedly breathe new life into your space. With so many options in terms of style and colours, a Paladin Radiator would look perfect in a modern aesthetic or a traditional Victorian interior. If you're looking for great heating, then Paladin's range of double-columned cast iron radiators will radiate heat like no other and will ensure a heady mix of design and tradition for your interior. The cast iron material used is a slow heating but reliable metal, ensuring sturdiness and prolonged warmth in every room.

Their ethos is simple; traditional processes to accommodate the modern home. With made-to-order radiators being their speciality, Paladin designer radiators will make sure your home heating dreams are made a reality with intricate designs and patterns. In this case, you certainly don't have to sacrifice style for substance!

So, why opt for a traditional Paladin column radiator over the many other types on the market? For starters, column radiators are one of the most recognisable radiators available, they are distinct in their look, but are versatile enough that they look great in any room. To give your new cast iron radiator a flawless finish from top to bottom don’t forget to browse our Paladin accessories!

Before you decide on which Paladin radiator you’d like, we recommend you use our free BTU calculator to work out the heat output required for your room. So you can find your dream cast iron radiator stress free.

If you would like to learn more about the wonders of cast iron radiators then check out our blog!

Struggling To Find Your Perfect Radiator?

We do have a wide selection of cast iron radiators, so if you can’t see a radiator you love here then check out our full range of cast iron radiators. If you’d like something a little more modern then see our contemporary radiators. If you’re struggling to find your perfect radiator why not contact us today, our award winning customer service team is here to help.

Paladin Radiators Popular Questions

Does Paladin Offer A Wide Range Of Radiators?

You may notice that there aren’t many “designs'' on our Paladin page, but don’t get the wrong idea. Each Paladin cast iron radiator comes in a huge range of sizes, with the smallest radiator having 58 sizes! Meaning in total Paladin offers thousands of choices to choose from. And not to mention that each radiator has a vast array of finish options like their antique paint effects or Paladin colours to even polishing services and premium lacquer. So being limited on choice is the least of your worries. The biggest problem is choosing out of all these gorgeous coloured finishes!

What Makes Paladin Radiators Stand Out?

The reason that Paladin stands out is because they put all their focus on their speciality. Making some of the best cast iron radiators on the market. You know you don’t have to worry about durability and function when looking at Paladin radiators. Their unique range of metal finishes and colour options gives you the ability to flawlessly match your radiator to your interior. Plus the range of sizes that Paladin has means you can get a cast iron radiator that’s suited for any space.

What Are The Top Selling Paladin Radiators?

If you’d love a Paladin radiator but not sure on which you’d like then here’s some of the top selling Paladin radiators on DRD.

The Paladin Neo Georgian 2 is a simple column radiator that starts at the lowest price of £87 It has well over 9 finishes to choose from so its simplistic design looks flawless in any interior.

Next is the Paladin Victoriana 4 Column radiator, it's a similar design to the first choice but wider, meaning it can easily fill bigger spaces full of warmth, again it has a wide choice of colours and a massive 232 sizes available! These are both highly affordable cast iron radiators and both have an impressive 10 year guarantee!

Finally we have the Paladin Kensington cast iron radiator, which is a little different from the other radiators. This one is embedded with gorgeous swirls of floral detailing, looking timeless in traditional interiors and easily becoming a focal point for your space. To give it a real victorian edge, why not add an antique paint effect or hand polished look.