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Low Temperature Electric Radiators

If you want to save on your gas bills while keeping your family safe then you've come to the right place! We stock a variety of low temperature electric radiators that reach a maximum of 50˚C. They reduce the chance of burns and keep your room cosy. It's a win win!

Low Temperature Electric Radiators, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items!

Low temperature means that these radiators don’t get as hot to the touch as your typical radiator. They circulate cooler air around the inner surface of the radiator, keeping the outer space cooler while keeping all its hot air in the centre and emitting it into your room. Low temperature radiators are brilliant for if you have children at home and are conscious about them touching radiators, or if you have elderly family members or family members with physical difficulties. It means that if they fall or happen to accidentally grab onto the radiator they won’t be burnt like the possibility in standard radiators.

Low temperature electric radiators come in a range of styles, from column radiator designs to elegant panel radiators. Along with vertical radiators, horizontal radiators and even towel radiators, so just because you've put safety first doesn't mean you have to compromise on style!

One of these radiator styles stands out the most. Panel radiators are the most sought out style of radiator thanks to their new modern looks and effective heating, they suit any room they are placed in and thanks to the low temperature they can also be placed in children's bedrooms. If you would like to learn more about childproofing radiators then check out this guide!

Before you purchase your low temperature electric radiator it's recommended to check the BTU required to heat your room, if this is too low you won’t be able to heat your room effectively. To make this easier for you we’ve made a free BTU calculator to help you work out the heat output required for your space.

Are You Struggling To Find Your Dream Radiator?

If you can’t find a radiator here for you and you're able to install gas radiators, we recommend you check out our low surface temperature radiators. Pipes from your radiator can also get hot, so for added safety see our range of radiator sleeving kits. If you don’t require a low temperature radiator then see our full range of electric radiators.

If you still can’t find what you're looking for or need a helping hand then just contact our award winning customer service team, we are more than happy to help you find your perfect radiator!

Low Temperature Electric Radiator Popular Questions

What Is A Low Temperature Radiator?

Low temperature radiators are capped at 50˚C. They are designed to reduce the chance of burning or injury to people. You might get them confused with Low Surface Radiators (LST for short). But the difference is that LST radiators reach no more than 43˚C. These are more commonly used in schools, care homes and hospitals, whereas low temperature radiators are not as they reach a higher heat.

Who Would Benefit From A Low Temperature Radiator?

Anyone who is conscious about heat or burns would benefit from a low temperature radiator, so anyone with children, the elderly or people with physical difficulties. But it isn’t limited to just that, many offices and businesses also benefit from low temperature radiators to reduce the chance of staff or customers from having burn accidents. But in all honesty, you don’t need a reason to purchase low temperature radiators, they heat rooms just like normal radiators so if you see one you like then go for it.

Will A Low Temperature Radiator Heat My Room?

Low temperature radiators will definitely heat your room, providing you've checked your BTU required for your space. Low temperature radiators heat rooms as well as any other radiator. They exert hot air from deeper inside the radiator so don’t be put off by the surface temperature of the radiator.