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Modern Towel Radiators

Modern towel radiators have come a long way since the age-old days of cast iron radiators. Now you can find state of the art flourishes in the guise of thermostats, Bluetooth operated radiators and electrically heated towel rails. This change in the way that we approach our home / office heating has led to a transformation of the modern radiator.

Modern Towel Radiators. Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

The modern towel radiator says goodbye to tired designs and inefficient home heating and creates multi-functional versatility and space savvy modern towel radiator designs.

You’ll be blown away by the range of modern towel rails we offer, and don’t worry. If you are after a traditional towel radiator but with a modern twist we have them too. It's not only new contemporary designs we have, we also include traditional ladder towel radiators but with modern colour finishes.

If you're thinking.. “What can make a radiator more modern?”, well it's not just the style. Even the way some of our radiators work inside is constructed with futuristic designs. Like our electric towel radiators, instead of connecting them to your copper pipes to have water delivered from your boiler, you can instead install them near plug sockets and just plug it in. Or even materials, instead of the heavy cast iron that used to be common, we now have a mixture of light weight aluminium, corrosive resistant stainless steel, mild steel and so much more. Not to mention you're no longer stuck with limited sizes. We offer a vast array of size options for many of our towel rails if you have a small or large space.

Before you decide on your perfect radiator, you need to work out the optimal BTU output from your space. We have created a free BTU calculator for you to use. This will allow you to view the radiators that will best heat your space.

Modern Towel radiators are so vast in design now that they are no longer bound to the bathroom. Many of our towel rails are highly stylish and extremely practical in kitchens, cloakrooms, washrooms and even hallways to hang your coats on.

If you’d like to learn more about towel radiators, take a look at our guide.

Can’t Find What You're Looking For?

If you really have your heart set on a classic radiator design then don’t worry, see our wide range of traditional towel radiators. If you're looking for something with a little extra storage then you’ll benefit highly from our shelf radiators, many have hanging space to dry your towels and then a shelf to store them.

Perhaps you're not after a towel radiator? If this is the case but are still after a modern design then see our full range of contemporary radiators.

Looking for high quality radiators on a budget? Not a problem! We have some brilliant towel rails and radiators on our sale page.

If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please contact us today. Our award winning customer service team is waiting to help you with your order.

Modern Towel Radiators Popular Questions

Will a towel rail heat my space?

Towel rails and towel radiators have come much further than the olden days. With modern technology and optimised designs, many towel radiators can heat your space. This includes our towel rails too. But it is recommended that you look for a large bathroom radiator if your space is large. To find out if a towel rail is enough to heat your room, use our BTU calculator to find out the BTU output required to heat your space. Once you’ve done this, you can look for the perfect towel radiator for you.

What Materials Are Used For Modern Towel Radiators?

The two main materials involved in the making of our huge range of modern towel radiators are:

  • Stainless steel towel radiators - These are super durable and are excellent heat conductors. They heat up quickly and retain heat for a long time, keeping your room warm even after your central heating system has switched off.
  • Aluminium towel radiators – Aluminium is environmentally responsible, very efficient and make a unique style statement. Do you like the idea of metal but prefer the sustainability of something that will last and can eventually be recycled for reuse? If so, aluminium towel rails are for you.

Are Modern Towel Radiators More Efficient Than Traditional Ones?

Modern towel rails, when compared to traditional ones, have an improved design which creates a more efficient heating unit. This isn’t to say our more traditional designs aren’t efficient but a newer design usually means a more efficient design.

Which Modern Towel Radiator Is Best?

We have a vast array of modern towel rails in various styles, colours and sizes. All of our modern towel radiators are crafted with high quality materials and come with exceptional heat outputs, so it’s down to style and what suits you. Below are some of our best selling modern towel radiators to give you an idea of what options there are.

The Lux Heat Brass Towel Radiator. Its gorgeous colouring adds sophistication, whether you have a modern or traditional aesthetic. This brass towel radiator is on sale so if you're looking for a high quality bargain, we recommend this classic brass ladder towel rail. It also comes with a 10 year guarantee for extra comfort.

The Reina Cavo Towel Radiator offers practicality and style. It's an open ladder towel radiator so you can easily slide your towels on and off. It can also be mounted left or right to perfectly fit your space. The stainless steel material means its a radiator built to last. It has corrosion resistance and includes a 25 year warranty.

If you're looking for a modern towel radiator that can be used in any room then we recommend you take a look at the Terma Stand Towel Radiator. It has a gorgeous modern grey finish and can be installed with wooden shelving to turn it into a useful shelf towel radiator. Not only can it heat your room and warm your towels, but it can also hold ornaments so this grey towel radiator is a lovely piece for not only bathrooms, but living rooms and hallways too.

Where Is The Best Place To Install A Heated Towel Rail?

If you're placing a towel radiator in your space to heat your room, you’ll want to look at installing your towel rail on the coldest wall in your room, or near the window (usually the coldest wall is the one with a window). Installing a towel radiator here will help distribute the heat around your room. If you're placing your heated towel rail in your bathroom then it's also recommended to place it closer to your bath or shower so towels are easy to reach.

What Heating Options Are Available For Towel Radiators?

At DRD we have a wide selection of towel radiators that are either;

  • Central Heating Radiators - Central heating towel rails are connected to your pipes and heat through your boiler.
  • Electric Towel Radiators - These can be plugged into your mains and can run separately from the central heating system. Many come with energy saving features, various heat settings and smart technology.
  • Dual-Fuel Towel Radiators - dual-fuel towel rails can work through electric and central heating.

If you would like to learn more about dual-fuel heating please see our blog.