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Dual-Fuel Towel Radiators

Receive the best of both worlds with our dual fuel towel radiators, enjoy the flexibility of choosing your heat source, and pick between electricity or central heating to keep your property warm and toasty while saving on your heating bills.

Flexible & Efficient Heating Made Easy With Dual Fuel Towel Radiators

The benefits of having a dual fuel towel radiator are being able to use your towel radiator separately or in tandem with your central heating system and helping you lower your heating bills while still keeping your towels and room at a comfortable temperature. Dual fuel towel radiators are appearing more and more in properties due to this, not only are they incredibly efficient and highly affordable but they also come in a wide selection of designs and sizes, meaning you no longer have to choose function over style. Our dual fuel towel rails are available in modern and traditional designs with a fantastic range of finish options to choose from so you can match one with your aesthetic effortlessly.

Before deciding on the right dual fuel towel radiator for your room it’s important to know the required BTU / WATT output to effectively heat your space. To work this out use our easy and free BTU/WATT calculator. This will help you choose a dual fuel towel radiator that can provide ample heating for your space.

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Dual-Fuel Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Is A Dual Fuel Radiator?

A dual fuel radiator can be powered via your central heating system or through electricity. They feature an electric heating element along with connections to your central heating system so you can easily switch between the two depending on which heat source you’d like. Most people use central heating in the winter months to keep the space warm and electricity in the summer to lower heating bills when it is already warm outside.

Where Can I Use A Dual-Fuel Towel Radiator?

Towel radiators are more favoured as bathroom radiators, but they are no longer limited to bathrooms. Dual fuel towel radiators can be fitted anywhere you’d like warm towels like the kitchen or utility rooms. Due to their wide range of designs, they look stylish in any room.

What Are The Benefits Of Dual Fuel Towel Radiators?

We have already discussed just some of the benefits of dual-fuel radiators, them being flexible heating options and the ability to lower heating costs. But the benefits of dual-fuel radiators don’t stop there.. See our informative blog on what makes a dual-fuel radiator stand out.

Can Any Radiator Be Converted To A Dual-Fuel Radiator?

No, not all radiators can be converted and it is mainly towel radiators and horizontal radiators, but we do have a great selection to choose from if you are looking for a dual fuel radiator. If you have seen a radiator you love and would like to know if it can be dual-fuel, or if you would like to find some radiators that are suitable for dual-fuel heating please contact us and we can recommend some for you.

What Size Radiator Will I Need?

Whether you are looking for gas or electric heating, the first step is always the same. Finding out what BTU or WATT output is needed to heat your space effectively. Our free BTU/WATT calculator does them both so you can easily find an electric, dual-fuel or central heating radiator that’s suitable for your room.