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Towelrads Radiators

Towelrads are a company that effortlessly fuses practicality and style with their hugely popular bathroom towel rails and designer radiators. They are one of the go-to manufacturers of towel rails and towel radiators due to their ability to transform the look and feel of a family bathroom on any budget to find the best bathroom radiators.

What sets Towelrads apart from similar competitors? First and foremost, their commitment to utilising 25mm tubing as standard on all their bathroom towel rails and radiators gives them a big head start. While many other towel rail manufacturers opt for thinner 19mm or 22m tubing, the 25mm tubes on standard Towelrads products ensure the optimal heat output for any space – keeping you and your garments nice and toasty.

Towelrads Radiators With Designer Radiators Direct

You only have to view the Towelrads Vetro Soap Glass Electric Vertical Radiator to understand why their bespoke and modern products offer genuine stand-out appeal. This radiator boasts a sleek oval design, complete with a frosted glass finish on the surface that helps it to blend neatly into any bathroom colour scheme or design. It’s not just the look of the Vetro Soap Glass Vertical Radiator that impresses, it’s the functionality too. Built to incorporate a slimline aluminium heat exchanger, these ultra-cool radiators are guaranteed to heat up fast.

If contemporary or industrial bathroom design is simply not your thing, worry not. Towelrads have thought of everyone when it comes to their product range. They also have a stunning choice of vintage towel radiators, combining classic columns with striking chrome finishes for the perfect look in a traditional household. The Portchester towel radiator has an effortlessly classic aesthetic that's sure to complement the interior of any period property thanks to its fusion of chrome and column design features.

There are also plenty of innovative, space-saving Towelrads designs to suit budget-conscious buyers. The Elcot Electric Towel Radiator takes up minimal real estate on your wall and is powered discretely by a 12V transformer.

As with all Towelrads bathroom towel rails and radiators, you can be sure of receiving standard plumbing fittings with all their products. This ensures hassle-free installation into any property with an existing central heating system. If you need a helping hand then check out our blog on how to install towel radiators.

Aside from the optimal heat output of Towelrads products, the brand’s designers have a true eye for contemporary style. Whether you’re looking for a practical and efficient towel rail for a downstairs space or a statement vertical radiator for your home or office, Towelrads towel radiators and their vertical radiators are a sight to behold. Towelrads also creates useful radiator accessories and stylish valves that can add an extra function to your vertical radiators and a style boost to all the other radiators, so check these Towelrads accessories to give your radiator a perfect finishing touch.

Before you go ahead and buy your next Towelrads towel rail or radiator, be sure to use our BTU calculator to ensure it provides adequate heat for the size of your bathroom.

Need Advice On Towelrad Radiators?

If your looking for towel radiators but can't see your style here, then check out our full range of towel radiators.

We also have a wide selection of vertical radiators, horizontal radiators and designer radiators for you to choose from if you can't find anything on this page.

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Towelrads Radiators Popular Questions

Are Towelrads Radiators Expensive?

Towelrads offer high quality radiators at affordable pricing. You can get yourself a vertical radiator, designer towel rail or a classic ladder towel radiator for under £100.

What Styles Are Available With Towelrads?

Towelrads offer a range of radiators from luxury heated towel rails to even glass vertical radiators. If you're looking for something with style at a low price, then Towelrads is the brand you want to go with.

What Are Towelrads Top Sellers?

Towelrads has a brilliant range of radiators. Here are the top 3 towelrads sellers to give you an idea of what to choose for your new radiator;

  • These Towelrads Elcot Electric Towel Radiators are great for if you're limited on space and want some practical style. They are sleek and come in a range of finishes. What's best is that you can add more without losing style.
  • The 2nd best seller is the classic ladder design. The Towelrads Eversley Stainless Steel Towel Radiator is crafted with high quality stainless steel and comes with a massive 25 year guarantee.
  • Finally for something a little different. The Towelrads Vetro Soap Glass Electric Vertical Radiator is a vertical radiator that adds luxury to any room. It comes in a range of finishes, including a smooth mirror finish for added practicality. So even when its not switched on, you’ll know you’ll make use of it.
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