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Carisa Radiators

If you're looking for artistic design and high function then you’ve come to the right place. Carisa is a UK focused brand that's been going strong for 40 years. Offering some of the most unique designs and high quality radiators in the industry.

Carisa Radiators, Stylish Radiators At Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Carisa’s use of steel, stainless steel and aluminium radiators means there's a wide option of designer radiators to choose from and they start at low prices. Their focus on modern radiators means they are constantly ahead of the trend game, crafting unique and stylish looking pieces that are highly popular. If you would like to learn more about the aluminium radiators and steel radiators please see our blog.

From towel radiators like the sleek Carisa Soleil and horizontal radiators, to sophisticated patterns and styles like the Carisa Circles mirror radiator, Carisa has such a range that all have highly impressive heat outputs. When it comes to buying the perfect radiator it's important to know what heat requirements your room needs, to find the right BTU output just use our free BTU calculator.

If you want a head turning luxury radiator then a Carisa radiator is for you.

Can’t See What You're Looking For?

At DRD, we offer a wide range of radiators. If you can’t see anything here then check out our vertical radiators and horizontal radiators. Perhaps you’d like a luxury effect, see our designer radiators. If you have any questions about our Carisa radiators please contact us today, our team is here to answer any questions.

Carisa Radiators Popular Questions

Are Carisa Radiators Any Good?

Carisa is a well established brand that has been only growing more and more each year, this is thanks to their innovative designs that are highly durable and offer excellent heat output.

Are Carisa Radiators Expensive?

Due to the different ranges of materials that Carisa uses they are able to offer a wide variety of styles at various prices. Starting from under £200, you can find a high quality and stylish radiator within your price range.

What Are Carisa’s Top Sellers?

Carisa has a range of radiators, but the ones that catch the eyes the most is the Carisa Motion, its simplistic design and affordable price means it's stylish enough to sit in any room without causing a dent in your pocket. Not to mention the wide range of finishes that it offers means you can match it with any interior. The other highly loved Carisa radiator is the Carisa Quadro. Crafted with a simple design, it's made for elegance and practicality, the full length mirror gives your radiator a hidden look, subtly warming your room without standing out. It's brilliant in price as you don’t have to pay for two separate items which can get expensive, not to mention its vertical design helps save space!