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Electric Column Radiators

A perfect blend of modern and traditional. The column radiator design and electric functions harmonise to give you a luxurious, vintage looking radiator with exceptional heat outputs. No matter the aesthetic. Our classic column radiators with a contemporary twist will bring elegance and heat to your interior.

Column Electric Radiators, Brilliant Prices & Free UK Delivery Available On Selected Items

Column radiators are known for their consistently high heat outputs. When combined with an electric radiator, you have an easy-to-control and optimised radiator. Most of our electric radiators come fitted with an inbuilt thermostat which offers you more control over your heating. Even if you have your feet up, you can control your radiator from a simple remote or via WIFI from your phone.

One of the reasons why column radiators are extremely popular is their sturdy materials and reliable heating. With heat being moved through each column, there's less surface metal to heat so they can provide impressive heating quickly. The range of size options for column electric radiators means you can find something for even the most awkward of spaces. To learn more about column radiators and their brilliant heat outputs see our blog.

When purchasing one of our column radiators, we recommend you find the BTU output that's needed to heat your space. Please use our easy and free BTU calculator to work this out for you.

Can’t Find The Radiator You're Looking For?

If you're struggling to find your dream radiator check out our full range of column radiators. The classic designs come in an array of sizes and colour finishes. Or see our complete electric radiator selection if column radiators aren’t for you.

We have a great range of high quality column radiators and designer radiators on our sales page. If you want to save money then check them out!

If you have any queries regarding any of our radiators or services please contact us today. Our award winning customer service team is more than happy to help you.

Column Electric Radiators Popular Questions

Are Column Radiators Any Good?

Column radiators can be more efficient than other radiators because of the way the columns are designed and how the heat is distributed along the surface area. This means that column radiators can heat up quicker than panel radiators while using the same amount of energy. This makes column radiators highly popular and favoured in many properties.

What Different Sizes Are Available?

Column radiators have amazing flexibility, coming in a range of lengths and widths. Column radiators are even available in vertical designs too for a more modern interior. You can choose from 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 columns with the higher the column number, the more heat it produces.

Are Column Radiators For Modern Or Traditional Interiors?

Column radiators have that classic column design you’ll find reminiscent of older radiator styles. They finish the look of ornate interiors and with the colour options available, they make the perfect fit. But with modern technology and electric heating these ‘retro’ styled radiators are now more than suited to add luxury to modern properties.

Are Column Electric Radiators Expensive To Run?

Electricity is more expensive than gas in the UK. So if you are thinking just by this then yes electric radiators can be a little bit more expensive to run. But there are things to be aware of when it comes to electric radiators. Due to their more modern designs, many come with energy saving features and have many money saving benefits. So before you decide on whether an electric radiator or a central heating radiator is for you, check our blog. This takes you through the benefits of each so you can decide which would help you save more in the long run.