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Traditional Electric Towel Radiators

Complete your ornate interior with our classical electric towel radiators, from traditional designs reminiscent of the Victorian Era to simplistic ladder towel radiator designs. We have a selection of traditional electric towel radiators that are crafted with modern materials and technologies that can effortlessly match your historic aesthetic while providing efficient heating.

Traditional Electric Towel Radiators, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery

Our traditional electric towel radiators merge ornate designs with modern function and practicality. They can effortlessly heat your space with their reliable and optimised heat outputs that you couldn’t get back in the day. Our traditional electric towel radiators work separately from your central heating system, so they can heat a specific room without turning on all your radiators via the boiler. They’re brilliant for helping you save on your heating bills, especially in the summertime.

Electric towel radiators are becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK due to their quick instalments, eco-friendly heating and energy-saving features.

Before you decide on an electric towel rail, use our free BTU/WATT calculator to work out the heat output you’ll need for your space. Our BTU/WATT calculator is easy to use and can filter recommended radiators for your room.

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Traditional Electric Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Is A Traditional Towel Radiator?

A traditional towel rail is reminiscent of the Victorian or Edwardian era. With various styles like column designs or OG ball joints for a classical touch. But crafted with premium materials and modern technologies for optimised and efficient heating.

Can A Traditional Electric Towel Radiator Heat Your Room?

Because of modern engineering, a traditional looking electric towel rail has no problems heating your space. All you need to make sure of, is that you know the heat output you’ll need for the room you're looking to heat. To work this out use our free BTU/WATT calculator. This will ensure you can easily purchase an electric towel rail that's right for you and your space.

Is An Electric Towel Rail Expensive To Run?

Electric heated towel rails aren’t expensive to run. They use an estimated 150 to 200 watts per hour and typically with heated towel rails, they aren’t left on all day. Another thing to remember is that electric towel radiators can work separately from your central heating system, so you don’t have to switch on your boiler and all your other radiators to use it. Instead, you can simply switch on your electric towel radiator by the wall and enjoy the heat. Prices to run an electric radiator can vary depending on the usage and your electricity provider, to learn more about the running costs, and to work out how much it would cost you to run an electric heated towel radiator visit our guide.

Are Electric Towel Rails Easy To Install?

Electric towel radiators are much simpler to install than central heating radiators. All it takes is a few simple steps. These are:

  • Decide on the placement and where you’d like your electric towel radiator to be installed.
  • Prepare your electric towel rail and ensure all the parts are there.
  • Install the wall bracket. You’ll need to drill a hole for this so make sure to mark off in pencil the hole placements and ensure its level first.
  • Fit and secure your radiator, make sure it's properly secure before turning it on.
  • Test your electric towel radiator to ensure its heating correctly.
If you are unsure how to install an electric towel rail, or do not feel confident please contact us today for advice or call your local electrician so they can do this for you.

Where Can I Install An Electric Towel Radiator?

One of the benefits of electric towel radiators is that they aren’t constricted to pipework. If your looking for somewhere new to install your electric towel radiator you can, all you need to do is ensure the radiator is close to a plug socket before before you start the process of installing the radiator.

Are Dual-Fuel Radiators Any Good?

If you are looking for an electric radiator but still want to be able to use a radiator through central heating then dual-fuel towel radiators might be for you. Dual fuel radiators are powered through central heating and electricity so you're able to get the best of both worlds. It can be incredibly handy for helping you lower the cost of your heating bills in summer and for providing brilliant heating in winter. To learn more about dual fuel towel radiators we highly recommend you see our blog.

Are There Any Radiators On Sale?

looking for a budget-friendly radiator with premium quality materials and exceptional heat outputs? If so take a look at our sales page. Our radiators for sale include designer radiators, coloured radiators and even vertical radiators for a modern touch.