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Manual Radiator Valves

Manual radiator valves are angled taps on your radiator which are there merely to turn the radiator on and off. In a manual radiator valve system, the radiator control is down to the thermostat, located elsewhere and off the radiator body. The radiator valve then, is only used to control whether the radiator is on or off and keeps you in control of your radiators temperature whenever you turn it on.

To control the amount of water going into your system, you have to use the lockshield valve instead. No one wants their radiator on full blast every time they heat up a room, and the manual valve means that you have more control over your radiator system.


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Manual Radiator Valves Popular Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Manual Valves

The manual valve is the age-old standard for radiators. This makes them easier to find and find more variety in form. The manual valve is also by definition cheaper to install.

These valves also give you more focussed control over the heating in your home, that is if you don’t mind a little fiddling. You can tailor your manual valves to different temperatures in each room, especially when you’re heating up your entire house but want rooms at different temperatures. For instance, the fluctuating temperatures of the kitchen and bathroom may need different temperatures to the balanced heating of the living room and bedroom. Some rooms you may want to turn the heating off for entirely, and manual valves give you the freedom to micro manage your home eco-system.

How Much Are Manual Radiator Valves?

We have a huge number of manual radiator valves in a variety of finishes and materials. The price ranges greatly, from £25 to £191 so you can be sure we have something within your range.