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Underfloor Heating Systems

Underfloor heating offers a very effective and efficient heating solution that is out of sight and makes no demands on wall space, It works by turning the entire floor area into a heating source either through warm pipes or electric mats concealed within the floor build up. Once the temperature of the floor rises above the surrounding temperature of the air, the heat is spread evenly across the surface of the floor, creating a warm and cosy floor with no cold spots.

Underfloor Heating, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Underfloor heating doesn't need to be heated to the same high level temperature to provide you with a sufficient heat. This is because the surface area of a floor is much bigger than a radiator. This makes underfloor heating an energy efficient option.

Gone are the days when underfloor heating was just seen as a 'nice to have' because it was thought of as an expensive luxury. The evolution of technology and the growth of better energy efficient systems have made underfloor heating more accessible.

If you decide to make the switch to underfloor heating, we would highly recommend getting a professional to install it. However, we are very aware that a lot of our customers are DIY specialists. If this is the case, check out our blog on how to install underfloor heating.

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Underfloor Heating Popular Questions

What Is Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating systems are a modern option for heating your home, and whilst it has roots in ancient methods of interior heating, it has been given an innovative makeover for the 21st century. Not only does it leave you with a lot more wall space, but it can save you money on your energy bills too. Underfloor heating costs much less than radiators, in part due to the lower temperatures they run at, and in part because of the fact that heat rises. With the underfloor heating system, you are enabling more warmth in your home, the heat radiating from under your feet and spreading through the room in a far more even way than a radiator. Using convection and conduction, the underfloor heating system creates a cycle of warm and cold air which is evenly spread and highly efficient.

What Are The Advantages?

  • It distributes the heat evenly throughout your space so you don't suffer any cold spots.
  • It frees up wall space. This gives you more freedom on deciding the décor of your space.
  • You can create heating zones so that each room in the house has its own thermostat and can be set to a different temperature. This ensures that energy is utilised to heat each room individually when you want.
  • If you choose electric underfloor heating your home will create less carbon emissions than traditional central heating.
  • Electric underfloor heating operates at lower temperatures and is easily controlled making it more energy-efficient.
  • Is It An Energy Efficient Solution?

    Yes, underfloor heating systems are energy efficient. Warm water underfloor heating solutions use far lower temperatures than a radiator system. By covering a larger surface area it is still able to heat your space effectively. Therefore these heating systems are more efficient.

    Are There Health Benefits?

    Yes, underfloor heating really can benefit your health. If you are prone to dust or have a raspatory condition such as asthma, then underfloor heating could help. Dust mites can be distributed in the air when we walk on carpets, vacuum and dust surfaces. Radiators don't help either.

    Using radiant heat, underfloor heating heats from the floor up which reduces the 'travel rate' of the dust mites in your home. Dust mites thrive in high moisture environments but installing underfloor heating reduces room moisture and therefore the number of dust mites too.

    Is There Much Maintenance Involved With Underfloor Heating?

    In short, there is not much maintenance involved. There are no moving parts with underfloor heating which means they rarely break down. There are no water filled pipes so there's a lower risk of damage from burst pipework. If the underfloor heating system has been installed correctly, you can just turn it on, sit back and enjoy the warmth.

    Why Choose DRD As Your Underfloor Heating Supplier?

    At Designer Radiators Direct, we have a wide range of options for underfloor heating to suit your requirements, and can help you to find the installation method which suits your home. Underfloor heating will save you money in the long run, but will require some planning to install. With our range of underfloor heating systems, we can help you strategize the best methods for installation whilst finding the best value components for your price range.