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Panel Radiators

Panel radiators are seen in almost every home and office space. Whether stylish panelled vertical radiators or your everyday horizontal radiator, there is always room for these space saving beauties. At Designer Radiators Direct, there is a great range of panel radiators to choose from, all from the most innovative brands on the market. Whether you're looking for a new radiator to replace an outdated one, or you’re looking to update your entire system, panel radiators can act as both a singular and uniform heating unit. Whatever your needs, panel radiators will exceed your expectations.

Panel Radiators, Space Saving & Highly Affordable! Plus Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Panel radiators consist of a single panel of metal covering a heating system of hot water. This is opposed to column radiators as a panel has only one sheet of metal and makes the most of its larger surface area with its hollowed out interior. This hollowed out interior allows hot water to circulate through the system, radiating heat through the conductive metal. For more information on single and double panel radiators please view our short blog. With a wide range of materials and shapes to the panel radiator, it has proven to be one of the most diverse units on the market today. If you’d like to learn more, please take a look at our informative guide.

Panel radiators come in a wide range of styles so if you're looking for a more specific panel radiator then have a look at our flat panel radiators, convector radiators and small radiators. Before you choose your perfect panel radiator, you need to work out the BTU output for your room. To do this, take advantage of our free BTU calculator. All you have to do is enter the information and then view the radiators best suited to heat your space.

Struggling To Find What You’re Looking For?

Here at DRD, we have a massive range of designer radiators available. So if panel radiators aren’t for you then don’t worry, we have column radiators available that are the opposite of panel radiators when it comes to style. We also stock many vertical radiators that might be more your taste. Or perhaps you would just like a modern but unsure of the style you want? Then browse our wide range of contemporary radiator to give you some inspiration!

If you have any questions about panel radiators or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away! Our award winning team is always on hand to assist you.

Panel Radiators Popular Questions

What Are Panel Radiators?

Panel radiators are a simple design, with a singular panel of metal covering the heating system of hot water. They have a sleek look and are highly popular for their space saving properties, excellent heat output and high durability. The good thing about panel radiators is that the sheet of metal has more of a surface area to heat up as opposed to column radiators.

What’s The Difference Between Single & Double Panel Radiators?

Single panel radiators aren’t as strong as double panel radiators due to their internal designs. Single panel has one panel to emit heat, whereas double has two, this gives it more surface area to release heat from, in turn creating a higher heat output. For more information on single and double panel radiators please have a look at our informative blog.

Are Panel Radiators Affordable?

Panel radiators are highly affordable due to their range of sizes available, all in single or double options. Meaning you don’t have to spend more on an oversized radiator that you can’t use to the best of its performance or a radiator that's too small that it doesn't effectively heat your room. With our huge range available we have panel radiators from just £15 up to £5467.