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Seat Radiators

Bench radiators are a unique design that offers a wide variety of benefits. They are something that will offer endless pleasure and comfort. At DRD we only stock the highest quality radiators available so these radiators will last. Our radiators have a minimum of at least 5 years guarantee so you can heat up in comfort.

Bench Radiators, Seat Radiators That Gives Comfort, With Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Seat radiators come with so many functions which makes them forever pleasing and their innovative designs can overhaul any interior. These beautiful creations are perfect for bathrooms, changing rooms, conservatories and even next to your swimming pool to boost style, comfort and warmth! Add a couple of cute pillows on your bench radiator and make it even more luxurious! Did we mention that they are also incredibly useful for drying wet clothes and towels. The range of sizes that we offer also means that these seat radiators don’t have to be in the way, they can actually help you save on space. If you're ready to sit comfortably then we recommend that you use our BTU calculator to find out how much heat your room will need so you can get the perfect low level set radiator for you.

Usually, bench radiators incorporate a seated platform which is made of wood, set up on top of a row of horizontal columns. There are a range of materials these can be made from, often using steel, stainless steel or aluminium to bring quick heat. Radiator seats even have the option to be central heated or electric, or even dual fuel.

Can’t Find What You're Looking For?

If you’re not sure about seat radiators then why not check out our low level radiators, these can be installed on the floor almost anywhere you please. We also stock a wide range of designer radiators, column radiators and horizontal radiators that might be right up your street. If you need any help or advice please Contact us today for award winning customer service support!

Seat Radiators Popular Questions

What Are Seat Radiators?

Seat radiators are exactly what they sound like, radiators with a seat! Usually in a bench style, seat radiators have a platform you can rest on that's usually in a wooden material and have high performing radiator mechanics underneath, that's commonly in a column radiator design easily warming your body and room.

Where Can Bench Radiators Be Placed?

Seat radiators can be placed almost anywhere in the home or office, with their floor mounted designs they aren’t limited to wall installations. The most popular places where bench radiators are placed are near swimming pools, in kitchens and even conservatories. Place a bench radiator under your window so you can relax warmly on rainy days. To make them even more luxurious place a couple of cushions on the bench radiator for unbridled comfort.

What Are The Benefits Of Seat Radiators?

The benefits of seat radiators are quite impressive. They offer excellent heat outputs, usually combining the high performing style of column radiators with horizontal designs. They give extra seating too, so offer plenty of additional space for people. Not to mention they are great for drying clothes and towels. Their only downside is they can be on the more expensive side, but for their uses it can be worth it.