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Radiator Accessories

Radiators are a long lasting and incredibly important addition to your property, so make sure you’ve given it the best accessories with radiator accessories from Designer Radiators Direct.

Radiator Accessories At Low Prices & Free UK Delivery On Selected Items

Radiator accessories are often overlooked, but they can actually be a game-changer for either your current radiator to add a updated touch of luxury at an affordable price, or they can give your new radiator a seamless, luxury finish.

Our radiator accessories aren’t just for looks. We have many different accessories including our useful T-pieces which can turn a central heating radiator or an electric radiator into a dual-fuel radiator, along with towel bars to give many of our radiators additional towel hanging space, and our radiator feet and wall stays which can add stability and security to your radiator.

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If you are looking for radiator accessories on a budget we highly recommend you take a look at our valves & accessories sale page. Our radiator accessory sale include many radiator valves and sleeving kits, but we also have a range of radiators on sale if you are looking for a brand new premium radiator at a bargain price.

If you need help or advice with any of our radiators, accessories or services please contact us today. Our team of specialists will help you find what you need or answer any questions you may have.

Radiator Accessories Popular Questions

What Are The Different Accessories Available?

We have a range of different accessories which all do different things for your radiator, some required and some for visual purposes. Here is a list of some accessories we stock.

T-pieces - To convert your radiator into a dual-fuel radiator.
Wall Stays - To lock your cast iron radiator to the wall to avoid the risk of them tipping or falling.
Towel Bars - To give your radiator towel hanging space.

What Radiator Accessories Are Needed For A New Radiator?

Not all of our accessories are needed, for example, pipe sleeving kits cover your pipes connecting your radiator so you can give them a stylish look. Whereas T-pieces are required to turn your radiator dual-fuel.

Some other required or highly recommended radiator accessories are:

Wall Stays - Wall Stays - If you purchase a cast iron radiator we highly recommend adding a wall stay, as cast iron radiators are heavy, they can cause damage or injury if they fall over.
Extension Tails - These are only required if the radiator or valve is a little bit short and you need to add more length to be able to connect your new radiator.
Radiator Reducers - These are needed if you need to reduce the connection of a radiator valve.
Electric Heating Element - These are needed if you are looking at purchasing an electric radiator, not all electric radiators are supplied with heating elements so please be aware of this when purchasing.
If you would like to know more about are different radiator accessories please see our informative blog.

What Do I Need To Buy With A New Radiator?

Many of our radiators do come supplied with wall brackets and necessary parts. But radiator valves and optional accessories are sold separately. If you are unsure what is included with your new radiator contact us and we can let you know what is included and the additional parts you might need to add separately.