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Bespoke Painted Radiators

If you want a radiator tailored just for you then you’ve come to the right place. At Designer Radiators Direct, we have many radiators that you can paint to your needs with special finishes & RAL colour options or even custom powder coatings on selected radiators.

Customise These Radiator With Our Coloured Finishes. Free UK Delivery on Selected Items

Designer Radiators Direct has over 20 premium brands offering an array of bespoke radiator finishes so you won’t be limited on choice!

Our bespoke painted radiators come in a vast range of designs that include modern radiators, traditional column radiator designs with embossed detailing, electric radiators and even mirrored radiators! Each brand has a wide range of colour options so if you don’t see a colour you like on one radiator, don’t be put off, just check out a similar radiator from a different brand and see their colour options instead. You’ll be surprised with the range of RAL coloured finishes and special finishes available.

Before you get excited about your new painted radiator it's highly recommended you check the BTU output that is required to heat your room, you don’t want a gorgeous new radiator that isn’t large enough to heat your space! Thankfully we’ve made a free BTU calculator to help you work out the heat output you’ll need.

Speak To Our Team Of Specialists If You Have Questions Or Need Advice

We have a brilliant range of radiators in a huge range of finish options so be sure to check out our radiators by colour to help you find your dream radiator.

Coloured radiators don’t have to be expensive. If you’re on a budget visit our sale page. We have a range of high-quality coloured painted radiators and painted towel rails at great prices.

If you need any help or advice choosing a colour for your radiator then please just contact us today! Our award winning team of specialists are more than happy to help you out.

Bespoke Painted Radiators Popular Questions

What Are Bespoke Radiators?

Bespoke radiators are custom made to suit your needs. They can be made to certain sizes to fit certain spaces and finished with the requested finish. They are highly requested by interior designers to create a seamless look for rooms.

What Colour Options Do I Have For A Bespoke Radiator?

We have plenty of colour options to choose from with our custom radiators, including RAL and special finishes. If you're looking for a green radiator to match your natural aesthetic, we’ve got you. If you’d like a radiator for a traditional interior you can add certain special finishes to give it a more aged look. The range of colours we offer is vast, so just contact us if you're uncertain.

Can I Request a Specific Colour Finish?

If you have seen a colour you love and want it on your radiator just contact us. We try our best to colour match on all our radiators and if the colour you have seen is a RAL colour we can try our best to get it in stock to add to your radiator.

If the finish you have requested is not in stock and we can get it in for you we will add a small surcharge to your order. This is because we will have to purchase the paint for your radiator.

Are Bespoke Radiators Affordable?

Our bespoke painted radiators are a total bargain for pure luxury! The only difference with price is that we do add a small charge on custom painted radiators if we don’t have the RAL colour in stock you have requested. You’ll get your money's worth though. Painted radiators look completely unique and can even raise the value of your property.

A great example of low prices and fantastic finish options are Lux Heat radiators. These are available in a choice of bold and subtle finish options to match your interior perfectly. Just have a look at the full range of colours on our Lux Heat finish page.

Does it Take Long to Make a Custom Radiator?

As these radiators aren’t currently in stock they do have to be made, this can extend the delivery time and it does vary depending on the brand. The waiting times for different brands can be from 3-4 weeks, 5-7 weeks, 6-8 weeks, 10-12 weeks and so on. Many of our made-to-order radiators do come in stocked versions if you don’t require a specific size or colour which does lower the estimated delivery times if you need a radiator quicker.

What Size Radiator Will I Need to Heat my Room?

Made-to-order radiators do offer a wide range of size options to choose from. If you’re not sure the size you require it can be very overwhelming. It’s incredibly important to purchase a radiator suitable for your space with the correct BTU output. To work this out you can use our free BTU calculator to give you accurate btu measurements. It will also filter to show you radiators in sizes that can effectively heat your space.