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Zehnder Radiators

Zehnder are as old as the industry itself, founded in 1895 by Swiss national Jakob Zehnder. From his original workshop for bicycles and typewriters, the company expanded into home heating in 1930, when Robert Zehnder created the tubular radiator. These radiators were far lighter than the traditional cast iron radiators which were used worldwide at the time, and gave an alternative to the rigid rules of the radiator game such as standard column radiators. Zehnder has since become a household name, offering a North European alternative to the Italian and British brands of radiator, and offering something truly contemporary. Zehnder radiators are made from premium-grade aluminium, allowing them to bring fast heat ups together with easy installations.

Zehnder radiators are more than simply objects of heating. Designed by renowned international designers, they stand for a modern and self-conscious savoir-vivre. They blend perfectly into the current lifestyles like the country house ambience, minimalist purism, classic style or colourful mode.

Bisque is now part of the Zehnder family

In 2007/08, Bisque went into business with Zehnder, a Swiss company known for its amazing feats of engineering. The move was made in the hope that both businesses could learn from each other and expand their respective brands overseas.

Following Bisque joining the Zehnder Group in 2007 from 1st July 2022 the Bisque range has been brought under the Zehnder brand. As part of the Zehnder family, Bisque's bold and timeless designs now benefit from Zehnder's industry-recognised unwavering and steadfast technical expertise.

Bisque has been manufacturing radiators for over 40 years, a sure sign of their premium quality and craftsmanship. Today with over 300 product lines, the company is always developing innovative new designs, finishes, materials and technology. Throughout their history, Bisque has worked with established designers as well as rising talent. See the range of Bisque radiators we have to offer.

To find out more about the Zehnder brand just check out our informative blog.

For three consecutive years, Bisque was voted one of the nation's CoolBrands, an annual initiative to identify some of the coolest companies in the UK. They appeared on this list alongside a number of iconic manufacturers, including Aston Martin, Sony PlayStation, Bose and Apple. Nominated for their niche style, desirability, authenticity, uniqueness and originality, they also won the BKU Award for Best Heating Brand, 3 years in a row from 2015.

Fitting the bill in a wide range of interior design trends, Zehnder radiators are one of the most exciting ranges on the market. These radiators are some of the most innovative out there, and are flexible in their styles. From horizontal radiators to sleek minimalist designer towel rails, Zehnder radiators fit the bill for almost all spaces. With a high BTU output and creative designs, the Zehnder is truly one of the most exciting brands on the market today and have great value prices to suit the competitive market place. When purchasing your new Zehnder radiator, don’t forget to add some of our Zehnder accessories to give your radiator a perfectly formed finish from top to bottom.

To easily work out what BTU requirement you'd need for your room take a look at our BTU calculator.

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Zehnder Radiators Popular Questions

Why Are Zehnder So Popular?

Zehnder has been creating heating appliances since 1930, their exceptional experience ensures that every radiator crafted is created with quality materials and meticulously checked before being delivered. They also grew larger with the Bisque brand joining them, Bisque has been voted one of the nations CoolBrands and has won the BKU Award for best heating 3 years in a row from 2015. So you have two highly qualified radiator companies joining forces to offer you amazing heating.

What Does Zehnder Offer?

Zehnder has a wide range of innovative and classic radiator designs that are suited for any room in the home or office. Featuring classic ladder towel rails, contemporary radiators with an artistic twist and vertical radiators, all in a range of quality materials and colourful finishes. Along with the typical gas radiator, Zehnder also offers a huge range of electric radiators to suit various aesthetics. You're destined to find your dream radiator with Zehnder’s designer radiators.

What Are Zehnder's 3 Best Selling Radiators?

Zehnder is one of our more popular brands for our customers that we sell. So if you need a helping hand deciding on a radiator then check these out.

Starting off is the Zehnder Charleston Horizontal Radiator, its elegant column design looks exquisite in traditional aesthetics, and thanks to its range of colour finishes it also suits modern interiors! It has an optional towel rail accessory for extra function and has impressive heat outputs. It's an all rounder of power and style.

Next is the Zehnder Blitz Aluminium Radiator Its sleek design offers optimal heating at a rapid rates. The 5 year warranty adds peace of mind along with its affordable price.

Finally we have the Zehnder Yucca Towel Radiator, its asymmetrical design adds luxury to any space and its ability to be mounted left or right means you aren’t limited to certain spaces. It can also be mounted as a room divider, adding uniqueness to your room along with impressive hanging space for towels and clothes.