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Mirrored Radiators

Blend practicality and function with mirror radiators. Rather than paying separately for a standing mirror and a radiator, combine the costs while saving on space and adding a luxurious flair to your property. Our mirrored radiators will surprise you with their exceptional heat outputs and stunning styles.

Get Daily Use Even When The Heating's Off With Our Mirror Radiators!

It's all well and good buying mirror radiators for their aesthetic properties, but to get the most out of them you need to place it in a part of your property where it will be fully utilised. Mirror radiators are popular in many rooms. But tend to be favoured in the bedroom, hallway and bathroom. This is because of their practicality and space saving properties. Hallways are the last room before venturing outside, or the first place when going inside. And everyone likes to give their outfits or hair a once over before they get on with the day. This is where mirror radiators come into play. They'll be used every day, have a luxurious appearance and can warm that all-important cold space many hallways create. With their vertical radiator design, they can fit into that unused space at the end of many entryways. Bedrooms and bathrooms can often be cluttered with furnishing and utilities, so it's important to save space where you can. This is where mirror radiators shine, they are bolted to the wall to save room but are also much more durable than mirrors installed on wardrobe or cabinet doors.

When choosing your radiator its important to know the BTU required to heat your space. Use our free BTU calculator to accurately work this out and show you which radiators will be right for you.

Mirrored radiators work brilliantly in darker and smaller rooms as they can reflect light from windows or your light. They give the appearance of a larger space by brightening up the area. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of mirror radiators and if they can effectively heat your room please read our guide.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you’re struggling to find your perfect radiator, please take a look at our full range of designer radiators and vertical radiators. We have hundreds of designs, sizes and finishes for you to choose from.

If your looking for a budget friendly radiator with high heat outputs and style take a look at our sales page. Our sale includes designer radiators and coloured radiators with plenty of styles and discounted prices.

If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. We have an award winning customer focused team that will always do their best to assist you and find a radiator that matches your heating needs and décor taste.

Mirror Radiators Popular Questions

Are Mirrored Radiators Any Good?

Mirrored radiators are one of the most multifunctional radiators we offer, everyone looks in a mirror and everyone needs radiators in their homes and offices so why not combine the two. It can create more space and easily heats the room quickly. Not to mention they look unbelievably stylish, no one will guess that your mirror is also your radiator. You might just make them jealous if you tell them.

Are Mirrored Radiators Expensive?

Mirrored radiators are more affordable than you think. With Designer Radiators Direct we have many mirror radiators starting at brilliantly low prices. If you think about the individual prices of a full-length mirror and then a separate radiator you actually save more by purchasing a mirrored radiator. And with many of our mirrored radiators, you get long warranties too.

Do Mirror Radiators Have A Good Heat Output?

Mirrored radiators aren’t just for show. Thanks to their unique designs they balance style with impressive heat outputs, making them a multifunctional radiator that is highly practical. It's important to know if a radiator can provide the heat required so we have created a BTU calculator to help you find your perfect radiator for your space.

Where Can I Put A Mirror Radiator?

Mirrored radiators can be placed anywhere in your home where you require heating, the most popular place we see mirrored radiators is in the hallway as it's a highly useful spot for mirrors and warms up a large space, making the most of your radiators. They are also favoured in bedrooms and smaller rooms as they save on space and can brighten up the area when light reflects off them. But honestly, you can put them in any room you like.

Is A Mirror Radiator Better Than A Mirrored Wardrobe?

Mirror wardrobes are very popular, and if your space is large enough, you probably have one. But they do have some downsides that mirror radiators don’t. That doesn't include the fact that mirror radiators also heat your space. Here are a few reasons why mirror radiators are a great idea.

  • Mirror wardrobes are large, usually a lot larger than non-mirrored wardrobes. They can make a space drastically smaller and can limit room for other furnishings. Mirror radiators don’t have this issue, they are vertical in design and can come in a range of sizes so you can even place them on narrower walls. They can replace your radiator, so even offer more room for other items.
  • Another benefit of mirror radiators is that they offer more stability. Many mirrored wardrobes have a mirror on the door. And whether they swing open or slide open, you have the risk of your mirror shattering every time. With mirror radiators they are installed onto the wall or floor and stay in place, minimising the risk of them breaking. Not to mention, our mirror radiators also come with warranties for both the mirror and radiators.