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Low Temperature Electric Towel Radiators

Low temperature radiators are exactly how it sounds, they are capped at a certain temperature, ensuring that they don’t burn the skin when touched. They are ideal for busy households and offices.

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Just because they are low temperature towel radiators doesn't mean they can’t heat effectively, they just do it in a different manner. They heat up hot inside the radiator but cool air circles the outer ends of the radiator surface, keeping it cooler while still warming spaces efficiently. Electric towel radiators are useful for the bathroom, kitchen and even cloak room, they aren't connected to the boiler and can be used separately from the rest of your heating system. To learn more about electric towel rails please see our blog. Before you purchase a new towel radiator we recommend that you know the BTU required to effectively heat your space. Use our handy BTU calculator to work this out.

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If you don’t require an LST radiator then see our full range of towel radiators, We have hundreds of towel rails for you to choose from. If you do require a Low temperature heater then see our LST radiators, suitable for any room, they come as horizontal radiators and vertical radiators. If you’d like to have a look at more electric radiators then check our full electric radiators page!

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Low Temperature Electric Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Is A Low Temperature Electric Towel Rail?

A low surface towel radiator is designed to only reach a maximum of 50˚C on the surface but do run hot on the inside, allowing for effective warmth while reducing risks of burning the skin when touched, they are useful for people with children or with the elderly in the home, but are not limited to this. With many of our electric towel radiators they can be controlled through an app, letting you easily adjust the temperatures or turn it off and on, as they aren't connected though the boiler they can run separately from the main heating system, they are highly useful for rooms that aren't used for long periods of time, like the bathroom or kitchen and being able to turn it off separately helps you save on your gas bills.

Can Low Temperature Electric Towel Radiators Heat My Room?

A low temperature electric towel radiator can heat your room just as effectively as any other towel rail, the only difference is that they aren't hot to the touch, they eject the heat from inside the radiator while cooler air lowers the temperature of the surface material.

What Is A Low Temperature Radiator Used For?

A low surface radiator is more commonly used for hospitals and schools, but don’t worry, ours are a lot more appealing. You can safely heat your room in style with our range of low temperature electric towel radiators. Though towel radiators are popular in the bathrooms they are also incredibly useful and stylish in the kitchen, washroom and even makes a brilliant heated storage unit for the bedroom or hallway.