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Anthracite Grey Electric Radiators

What has 100% efficiency and 100% style? Easy! It's our anthracite grey electric radiators. The modern design allows for greater control over your heating and the high quality anthracite grey finish gives a luxury style boost that blends beautifully into any aesthetic.

Energy Efficient & Stylish Anthracite Grey Electric Radiators. Free UK Delivery Options Available

Electric radiators have the ability to not waste a single drop of energy as they use heating elements. So you’ll know that whenever you switch your electric radiator on, you’re not losing any energy or money. Electric radiators can be an affordable and reliable choice for rooms, especially in spaces where access to plumbing can be difficult, like extensions or outhouses. Not only that, as they run individually from one another, it means you can just heat specific radiators rather than turning on your boiler and heating up all the radiators in your property.

Before you decide if an electric radiator is right for you, its important to know the BTU output your space requires. Please use our useful BTU calculator to work out the BTU output and filter radiators that can effectively heat your space.

Along with being eco-friendly and energy efficient they are also incredibly stylish. Our anthracite electric radiators feature an elegant grey finish that is becoming incredibly popular in modern properties and with interior designers. They can blend beautifully into any aesthetic as they aren't to bold, they add a subtle luxury and match most coloured interiors. To learn more about anthracite grey and why they are so popular see our guide.

Can’t Find The Radiator You're Looking For?

If you can’t find your dream radiator here, why not try our full range of electric radiators. We have a wide range in various styles, sizes and finishes for you to choose from. Or if you would like to see more anthracite grey radiators, please visit our anthracite grey radiator page. It includes central heating radiators in gorgeous column styles and panel radiators in both vertical and horizontal designs. Shopping for a towel radiator? We have a wide selection of anthracite grey electric towel radiators and central heating anthracite towel rails to choose from if you are loving the finish.

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Anthracite Grey Electric Radiators Popular Questions

What is an Anthracite Grey Finish?

Anthracite grey is almost black, but not fully. It is a very dark and chalky type of grey. It's not too harsh yet not too subtle. It's the perfect blend that interior designers love as it goes with almost any aesthetic. It's a very popular colour to add to your radiators and rooms.

What Are The Benefits Of Anthracite Grey Radiators?

The only difference between anthracite grey radiators and other radiators is their colour. Though many assume that coloured or professionally painted radiators are less efficient than other radiators, this is simply not the case. The coating of colour that is added to radiators is so thin that it does not make a difference to the heat output, and if it does (which is very rarely) it will be that small of a difference that you would not notice this when it's switched on.

What Radiator Designs are Available in Anthracite Grey?

At Designer Radiators Direct we have an impressive range of radiators. With the popularity of anthracite finishes constantly rising, it means we stock more anthracite grey radiators than ever before. We have an amazing selection of anthracite grey radiators in the classic column radiator design, modern panel designs and in a choice of horizontal or vertical sizes.

How Do Anthracite Grey Electric Radiators Work?

Electric radiators heat your space just like central heating radiators. The difference is though, electric radiators and electric heaters don’t rely on plumbing or your gas boiler for heating unlike central heating radiators. Instead you just simply flick a switch on your plug socket to power the electric radiator you want. This also means that electric radiators run individually, so if you want to turn more than one on, you’ll have to manually do that. But that is the same for if you want certain radiators switched off with central heating radiators.

One thing that helps with electric radiators is that many come with timer settings, a remote control and many can even be controlled through WIFI on an app for your phone or tablet.

How Do I Choose The Right Radiator Size?

Radiators come in a wide range of sizes, so it can be a little overwhelming when you're looking. But at Designer radiators direct we’ve made a free BTU calculator to make this easier for you. This works out the BTU output needed to heat your space and then filters down radiators that will effectively heat your space.