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Black Radiator Valves

Add a striking addition to your radiator with our stylish black radiator valves. No matter the colour of your radiator, these black valves are bound to add a luxurious finish, because as the saying goes.. “black goes with any colour”.

Boost The Look Of Your Radiator With Black Radiator Valves. Free UK Delivery On Selected Items.

Our black radiator valves come in a range of styles and designs, they can be finished in a matt coating for an edgy effect or a gloss finish for added shine, we also stock beautiful black nickel radiator valves that are a perfect addition to both modern radiators and traditional radiator designs.

At Designer Radiators Direct, our valve sets are either manual or thermostatic. With manual valves turning your radiator on or off, or thermostatic valves that allow you to adjust the temperature of your radiator to suit your heating needs. These black radiator valves come in a range of shapes like angled radiator valves or corner valves, the shape you will need depends on where your pipes are and where the valves will be placed on your radiator. To find out which radiator valve you will need and to learn more about the different valves available check out our useful guide. This guide explains each different valve type and will help you determine which radiator valve you will need to fit your pipes and radiator.

If you are also purchasing a new radiator it is recommended to know the BTU output your room requires so you can find the right radiator to effectively heat your space. To find this out please use our free BTU calculator and this will work out the BTU output needed and will filter recommended radiators for your room.

Can’t Find What You're Looking For?

We have a range of radiator valves in various finishes to suit you and your aesthetic and your radiator, like the popular anthracite grey radiator valves, luxury chrome radiator valves and white radiator valves.

If you are looking for a radiator to match these black radiator valves take a look at our wide selection of exquisite black radiators, in a huge range of designs, you'll find a black radiator to suit your tastes effortlessly.

Looking for a high quality bargain? We have a wide selection of radiator valves on our accessory sale page, so you can boost the look of your radiator at a low price. Or if you need a new radiator with a budget-friendly price see our radiator sale. Our fantastic radiator sale includes designer radiators and Lux Heat radiators in a wide choice of coloured finishes to match your aesthetic.

If you need help finding the right radiator valves for your needs, or if you have any questions regarding any of our products or services please contact us today. Our award-winning customer service team is on hand to help you.

Black Radiator Valves Popular Questions

Can Radiator Valves Help Save On Your Heating Bills?

Yes, of course. We have thermostatic and manual valves which can both help save on your heating bills. Manual valves allow you to simply turn your radiator on or off, so if there are any rooms you don’t want to heat in your property, you can simply close the valve on that specific radiator.

Thermostatic valves however allow you to control the heat output of your radiator, usually numbered from 1-5, for a lower heat output you can set your radiator to 1 or 2 so it is slightly warm or 5 if you want the full heat. Thermostatic valves can also turn your radiators fully off too if you don’t want a radiator on at all. These thermostatic valves are fantastic for providing complete control over your heating, and are a great addition if you usually have issues with hot or cold rooms.

Will Any Radiator Valve Fit On My Radiator?

No, not all valves fit all radiators so it's important to know what to look for. Depending on the way your pipes come into the room, or depending on where the connection is on your new / current radiator will determine which valve you need.

What Radiator Valves Will I Need For My Radiator?

Before purchasing a radiator, take a look at where your pipes enter your room. After this, have a look at our radiators and take note of where the connections are on the radiator you like. This will determine which valves you need.

For Example:

Straight radiator valves - Your pipes come out of the floor and the radiator has underneath connections.

Angled radiator valves - Your pipe work exits from the floor and your radiator has side connections OR, the pipes come from the wall and the radiator has underneath connections.

Corner radiator valves - Your pipes come from the wall and the radiator has side connections OR, the pipework is coming from the wall and the radiator has underneath connections.

What Radiators Suit Black Valves?

Black goes with every colour, so our black valves look excellent with almost all of our radiators. They might clash a little with white radiators but if you're after unique contrast to go with your interior then they’ll look great.
We have a wide range of colour painted radiators that also suit black radiator valves, for example; these black valves look fantastic and modern with our Lux Heat Oval Coloured Vertical Radiator in a grey, green or blue finish.