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Cast Iron Radiators

Cast iron radiators are known as one of the classic designs of the radiator, dating all the way back to the Victorian era. These classic radiator specimens are easy to spot, and bring style and nostalgia to any space they are housed in.

At Designer Radiators Direct, we have a range of styles that fit into modern interiors and of course, traditional aesthetics. In a selection of finishes, crafted with high quality materials and at affordable pricing, you can add the classic cast iron radiator to your space knowing you’ve got a quality radiator that will last.

Cast Iron Radiators, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items!

Iron is one of the most popular metals in the country due to its abundance and its strength, being used for diverse products such as household tools and homeware, sometimes even in furniture. Whatever your needs for iron, it has been a popular metal with which to make radiators due to its long-lasting durability, giving you the perfect radiator for dependable heating.

Some of the most popular styles that we sell are column radiators, the traditional tubular style lends itself perfectly to this material. We have plenty of these radiator designs in our collection. Cast iron is more than efficient for radiators as this is a thick metal in comparison to stainless steel or aluminium radiator variants. This means that they may take longer to heat up but will stay hotter for longer, even when the heating is off.

At Designer Radiators Direct, we offer a range of warranties on our radiators. This includes a massive lifetime warranty on selected cast irons, so you know your guaranteed exceptional performance for many years.

Before choosing a brand new radiator for your property, you need to know what heat output. you need for your space. This can be worked out with our handy free BTU calculator. Enter the details of your space and view the radiators best suited to heat it.

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Cast Iron Radiators Popular Questions

What Are Cast Iron Radiators?

Most of the cast iron radiators at Designer Radiators Direct are column radiators, using cast iron to forge a series of vertical loops, fitted together using a spine of often painted finished metal to piece it together. These iconic radiators can be found in differing forms throughout both modern and traditionally furnished properties, benefiting from the heat radiated between the loops in this radiator which evenly distribute heat throughout the property. They have become one of the most well-known designs on the market today, and more than a century on they continue to impress. We also have a stunning range of cast iron electric radiators if you want impressive and eco-friendly heating with energy-saving features.

Are Cast Iron Radiators Worth It?

These radiators have a wide range of benefits to suit any property, especially if you have a rustic or vintage aesthetic. One of the most notable benefits is their durability and hardiness. Take a look at our useful guide for the full range of benefits to help you decide if you should purchase one for your space.

Are They Energy Efficient?

Cast iron radiators and cast iron electric radiators can be very efficient for heating your property. Though they do take a while to heat up, they provide impressive heating for hours after being switched off. This can help save and lower your heating bills if you find your room often cools down quickly.

Are Cast Iron Radiators Better Than Aluminium?

Each material has different benefits so depending on how you use your radiator and how the heat retention is in your property will determine which radiator material will suit you best. Aluminium radiators for example heat up extremely quickly but also cool down fast, they are great for a quick burst of heat and if your room keeps the heat in well, you’ll find that these radiators could help lower your heating bills over time. We have a wide range of aluminium designs to choose from to suit both modern and traditional aesthetics, including a great selection of aluminium towel radiators which work brilliantly as bathroom radiators and kitchen radiators.

Whereas cast iron radiators take time to heat up, but once they are heated they can retain that heat to warm your space for hours even when switched off, these are ideal for rooms that often have issues in staying warm. If you are looking for style, these hardy radiators are more traditional and will suit Victorian/ornate interiors more.

Are Cast Iron Radiators Easy To Install?

Yes, it's just like a standard radiator in terms of installation. One cast iron radiator may be used as a focal point in your system, or they can be installed in every room for more functionality. You make the decision, and installation is simple, with the right brackets, wall stays and correct radiator valves.

However, you can expect these radiators to be heavier than their counterparts. For example, a column cast iron is going to be much heavier than an aluminium version, this may inform a decision of where to put one.

What Size Do I Need?

Depending on the size of the room will depend on the size of radiator you need. We have a wide range of size options to choose from so it is important to pick the correct size for your space. We have a free BTU calculator to help you find out the BTU output your space requires. Our calculator also filters recommended radiators to fit your room for efficient and effective heating.

Does Cast Iron Come In Different Finishes?

Yes, both modern and traditional cast iron radiators benefit from beautiful finishes. Whether you're looking for a beautifully hand-crafted finish or modern cast iron radiators with an anthracite grey finish, there are plenty of choices to make your property stand out from the crowd at Designer Radiators Direct.

What Radiator Valves Can I Use For A Cast Iron Radiator?

Most of the radiator valves that we have on offer are compatible with all of our models of radiators and we have a wide range of style options to suit any radiator design. From modern radiator valves for designer radiators to traditional radiator valves that look flawless with cast iron radiators. The only issue you’ll really run into is which angle you need to consider, Whether that’s an angled or a straight valve. To help inform your decision on buying a valve take a look at our guide.

What Should I Purchase With A Cast Iron Radiator?

Everything that needs to come with the radiator is typically included, but additional accessories like valves and wall stays do come separately. Wall stays are highly recommended to add to your cast iron radiator for added security to reduce the risk of your radiator tipping and causing damage as these cast irons are very heavy.