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Flat-Panel Towel Radiators

One of the great things about flat panel heated towel rails is the way that they save you space within the often cluttered bathroom. Flat panel towel radiators dish out a wide range of designs and solutions for drying towels. This means that there are plenty of shapes and sizes which will undoubtedly help you to form the interior aesthetic you want for your property.

The mood of your space is just as important as the efficiency, bringing warmth in a different way. With a flat heated towel rail from DRD, you are gifted with the benefit of both design ingenuity and efficient power outputs.

Flat Panel Towel Radiators. Various Designs, Low Prices & Free UK Delivery Available

Flat panel heated towel rails and towel radiators are another example of the subtle shifts in design which can add a breath of fresh air to the designer towel rail game. Flat panel radiators consist of beautiful crisp straight lines on their ladder shapes, or a completely flat design with the options of adding towel rails. These bring a cutting edge modernity by hugging the walls rather than the more chunkier versions that stick out more. Meaning you have more space saved for other appliances.

Not only do they help save on space, but they also have brilliant heat outputs that can easily heat the room it's placed in.

With a plethora of heating options available, the flat heated towel rail is one of the best radiators on the market for efficiency in space and warmth. Not only do they have a sleek design, but the range of styles and finishes aren’t limited either. We have an amazing choice of colours for some of our flat towel rails, like the bright and bold finishes of the Lux Heat Flat Coloured Towel Radiator.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of towel radiators, take a look at our guide.

Before you decide on your perfect radiator, it’s important to know what the required BTU output is for your space. To do this, we have created a free to use BTU calculator. Simply enter the required information and view the radiators best suited to heat your space.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you’re struggling to find your desired radiator on this page, we highly recommend you view our full range of towel radiators. With such a huge range of radiators, you be certain we’ll have something perfect for you. If you’re looking to save space but aren’t after a towel radiator then see our selection of flat panel radiators and small radiators.

For something a little more ornate, see our range of traditional towel radiators and column radiators.

If you're on a budget, see our range of space saving, energy efficient radiators on sale. We have a great choice of sale radiators in a range of styles to suit your needs.

If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please contact us today. Our award winning customer service team are dedicated to helping you.

Flat Panel Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Are Flat Panel Towel Radiators?

Flat panel radiators typically mean wall hugging, sleeker radiators. For example, if you think about the classic ladder towel rails you’ll imagine the rounded horizontal rails and more chunkier style. With flat ladder towel rails, rather than the horizontal bars being rounded, they are flat and wider. Meaning you can place them closer to the wall while still being able to warm your towels.

Are Flat Panel Towel Rails Any Good?

Flat panel towel radiators are a great addition to your property if you're limited on space. Many struggle with having a small bathroom or small kitchen. This is where flat radiators come in.

Their thinner design means you're more likely to be able to comfortably fit one of these radiators in your space without blocking important appliances, or the door of the room. They provide useful storage space and have excellent heat outputs to warm your room effortlessly.

What Size of Flat Panel Towel Radiator Would I Need?

We have a wide collection of flat panel towel rails in an array of sizes, so we know it can be a little overwhelming working out which size you’ll need to heat your space.

Thankfully at DRD, we’ve made a useful BTU calculator which can work out precisely how much BTU output you’ll require to effectively heat your space. It can then filter down and show you which radiators and towel radiators would be suitable.

What Are The Style Choices Available?

Flat panel towel radiators come in three notably different designs. This includes the classic flat panel towel radiator which has the ladder design and vertical bars on either side.

Then open flat panel towel rails which have the ladder design but only one vertical bar, so one side of the horizontal bars is open, (think of it like the letter E). These are great for easily slipping your towels on and off, and can be more useful if you're limited on room.

Then we have the panel radiator design. These have a full single panel rather than the ladder design where the radiator has gaps. Instead, for these you can use them as normal flat panel radiators or purchase separate towel bars to add to the radiator to turn it into a powerful towel radiator. These can come also in useful mirror radiators designs to add even more practicality.

What Valves Do I Need For A Flat Panel Radiator?

Most of our radiator valves are suitable for a wide range of towel radiators, but you do have to take a note of the angle of the valve as these can only be placed in specific radiators and you’ll need different ones depending on where your pipes are. See our valve blog so you’ll know exactly which valve will be right for you.