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Floor-Mounted Towel Radiators

Floor-mounted towel radiators come with a classic and traditional appeal. They may look somewhat vintage, but they are crafted with premium materials and modern engineering for exceptional heating you couldn't get in the Victorian era.

Floor Mounted Towel Radiators. A Classic Touch With Low Prices & Free UK Delivery Available

Whether you're looking at adding warmth to a bathroom or wanting additional hanging space in your kitchens or cloakrooms, these ornate floor-mounted towel radiators are for you. They feature thick tubular designs to move heat quickly and efficiently around the radiator or combine column radiators with heated towel rails for advanced heating and luxury. No matter the design, you are guaranteed warm and cosy towels with our stylish and practical floor-mounted towel radiators.

Before you decide on your dream towel radiator be sure to work out the BTU needed for your space. You can do this easily by using our handy and free BTU calculator.

To learn more about the benefits of towel radiators and the options available, have a look at our perfect towel rail guide. This guide will help you find the perfect heated towel rail for your needs.

Struggling To Find The Right Towel Radiator?

We have a wide range of designer towel rails to choose from. If you can’t see something on this page, take a look at our full selection of towel radiators. Or if you're looking for longevity and easy maintenance, we highly recommend our stainless steel towel radiators that feature; corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

Check our sales page if you're looking for a bargain. We have a great selection of high quality radiators on sale that you won’t want to miss!

If you have any questions or need any advice please contact us today. We have an award winning customer service team that is always on hand to help.

Floor Mounted Towel Radiators Popular Questions

What Are Floor-Mounted Towel Radiators?

Floor-mounted towel radiators are exactly that. Mounted into the floor rather than the wall. They are great if you have a weak wall structure or if you just have no wall space left, which can usually be the case in bathrooms or kitchens.

Can You Replace Your Normal Radiator With A Towel Radiator?

Yes you can. All you will need to do is ensure the pipes fit the new radiator. The easiest way to do this is get a radiator of the same width. If it is a different size you might need to pull up the skirting boards and flooring to fit it.

Is a Towel Radiator A Good Idea?

Towel radiators are brilliant if your limited on space in your room or you need additional heating. They can heat your space while holding towels and clothing without taking up to much room, Or you can look for a larger towel radiator if you need a little extra heating in a bigger room. Heated towel rails are great as bathroom radiators, kitchen radiators and are even great for cloakrooms and laundry rooms.

What Styles Are Available?

Floor-mounted towel rails do have a more traditional designs with some featuring ornate looking OG ball joints and classic column radiators, but that doesn’t mean they are just for traditional interiors. We also stock a selection of sleek and modern floor mounted towel radiators that would be perfect for contemporary aesthetics.

Can a Towel Radiator Heat Your Room?

Towel radiators have vastly improved from back in the day. Now they are crafted with modern technology so they can effortlessly warm your space while heating your towels. But before you decide on a heated towel rail, its important to work out the BTU output required for your space so you can find a radiator to heat your room effectively. To do this, please use our BTU calculator that will work this out and show you towel rails right for your space.

How Do You Maintain A Towel Radiator?

If you’ve had a towel radiator in the past then you’ll know there's a risk of rust, especially if it's in a rather humid room like a bathroom. But don’t worry. We have a great blog for how to keep your chrome towel radiators clean, but this guide also works for radiators of other finishes too.

What Valves Will I Need For Floor-Mounted Towel Radiators?

Depending on where your pipes are in your room and depending on the connections the radiator has will depend on which valves you will need. For example:

  • If your pipe-work is coming from the floor and the radiator has side connections you’ll need angled valves.
  • If your pipe-work is coming out of the floor and the radiator has underneath connections you’ll need straight valves.
  • If your pipes are coming from the wall and the radiator has side connections or underneath connections then you’ll need corners valves.

If you’re unsure or have any questions regarding this please contact us us and we can help you out.