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Terma Radiators

Since 1990, Terma has been manufacturing radiators. Since then, Terma has become a household name in the world of radiators. This is attributed to Termas' extensive engineering division. While the company's primary concentration is on Radiators, it is also recognised for producing medical items, construction equipment, and other industrial apparatus.

Edward Brylowski established Terma in 1991 with the primary purpose of producing high quality bathroom radiators such as towel radiators. Terma has prioritised the use of steel profiles made of premium stainless steel and mild steel. It wasn't long before this characteristic became synonymous with Terma radiators.

Terma Radiators, Low Prices And Free UK Delivery On Selected Items.

Termas' business values demonstrate that it is a consumer-friendly organization. Putting the consumer first and constantly guaranteeing product innovation. Because of this strategy, they are the perfect radiator manufacturer and the right answer for your heating system.

You may have noticed that Terma sell many towel radiators. The great thing about Terma towel rails is that they can be used in any part of the home or office and can offer excellent hanging space for clothes. Add one to your bedroom for storage, in the hallway for guests to hang their coats up and even the kitchen, they aren't limited to one room! but they don't stop at just towel radiators. Terma craft a wide range of styles from column radiators with modern and traditional designs, sleek panel radiators and more. When you've chosen your Terma radiator, add some of the quality Terma accessories, they create a vast array of accessories from electric heating elements to simple pipe sleeving kits.

Terma also offers a wide range of coloured radiators, just check out their wide range of premium, special and RAL colour options.

We recommend that you know your BTU output before your purchase to give you quality function for the space your heating. Check out the easy to use BTU Calculator so you can find your perfect radiator.

Learn more about the benefits of towel radiators with help from this blog.

Cant Find What Your Looking For?

Terma radiators have not faltered in terms of quality, and their creative flare has only improved in the designer radiators that they make. We are confident that there is a radiator in Terma's portfolio that will enrich your property, from magnificent bathroom designs from their towel radiator line to spectacular vertical radiators. But if you can't find what your looking for or have any questions regarding our products please contact us today.

Terma Radiators Popular Questions

Are Terma Radiators Good Quality?

Terma has been around since 1990, if they didn't have good quality they wouldn't be here. They are now a household name, providing heating to many homes and businesses alike! They don’t falter on quality, only using the best materials and prioritising stainless steel and mild steel, which for radiators, is a good choice in materials! As they've been around for so long it also means their engineering of radiators has only gotten better over time, creating stylish and innovative radiators with brilliant heat outputs.

Are Terma Radiators Affordable?

Terma understands that not everyone can afford to splurge on designer radiators. So to help out they've created innovative designer radiators at value prices! Starting from just £64, their radiators are highly stylish and fantastic quality so even in the long run they're cost effective. Many Terma radiators also include a guarantee so you know you're getting lasting quality.

What Are The Top Selling Terma radiators?

We know that looking at so many radiators can be a little overwhelming, so we've added Terma’s best selling radiators to give you a helping hand on deciding what you’d like.

Starting off is the Terma Rolo Horizontal Towel Radiator, its smooth columns offer a modern touch to aesthetics. Why not match your towel radiator with others from the Terma Rolo range.

One of my favourites is the Rolo Mirror Vertical Radiator, it looks stunning in any space, featuring a full length mirror and various colour options, its amazing value for money, especially when you realise how much a full length mirror costs separately.

For a more simplistic yet sleek design take a look at the Alex Towel Radiator, The sleek beams curve around the edges, offering ease when hanging towels and warming them effectively. It's highly affordable and also has an electric version.

Looking for a timeless design to go with a traditional interior? Then the Retro Towel Radiator is for you, the ball joints and elegant colour finishes have characteristics of the Victorian era.