10 Tips for Making Your Home Look More Luxurious Without Breaking the Bank

Giving your home a luxurious makeover needn’t break the bank – with the following top tips and tricks, you can soon ensure your property has an expensive-look and feel, minus the price tag.


Here are our top tips for achieving a luxe look on a budget.


1. Add Some Artwork

Buying art needn’t be reserved for the mega-rich. You don’t need to get an original piece to add some more colour and artistry to your home; instead, opt for prints of popular pieces, or support an unknown artist by choosing an original piece you love – but which won’t cost the earth.


To make your art look more expensive, add a stylish frame in a colour which matches your décor. This will help provide the perfect finishing touch and compliment an already budget-friendly idea.


funky home decor


2. Choose a Consistent Colour Palette

Sticking to a colour palette throughout your home will immediately help to lift even the most inexpensive home furnishings. When you commit to a colour scheme, its much easier to create a luxurious feel in your property, as everything becomes much more cohesive.


Use coordinating colours for accents, to help build a chic aesthetic which works for everything from wall paint through to sofas, central heating radiators and more.


3. Focus on Small Details

There’s no need to get rid of items you truly love, especially if they have a story to tell. Even the most coordinated décor can be complemented by delightful pieces which mean a lot to you – and there’s something inherently luxurious about cultivating a living space which suits your personality.


4. Embrace Minimalism

A minimalist look never goes out of style, and it can be achieved without spending a lot of money. Whether you’re opting for a dramatic take on minimalism – think white and black and little else – or you’re just choosing to narrow down your selections to a specific colour palette and zero clutter, items such as heated towel rails provide the ideal mixture of form and function.


5. Ensure Your Choices are Intentional

Nothing makes your home look more luxurious than ensuring all choices are carried out with intent, instead of as a result of carelessness or accident. This certainly doesn’t have to mean that your décor is overly fussy, and an intentional aesthetic can also lend itself well to perceived effortlessness.


However, you need to know what it is you are aiming for with your property – and aim for this goal through each design choice, whether that includes creating your own home décor accents, planning out rooms piece by piece, or investing in a custom radiator.


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6. Focus on Forgotten Spaces

Rooms such as the bathroom can often be considered as purely functional, while in actual fact they have great potential as a key part of your design plans. Be sure to remember rooms which you might otherwise forget, and adorn them with great details like bathroom towel rails which serve a purpose, as well as looking great.


7. Mix and Match Textures

No matter which room you’re focusing on and no matter the design aesthetic you’re interested in, the ability to mix and match textures in your home décor is a great way to boost the luxuriousness of the property.


Use the principles of layering to adorn your rooms with different materials, such as wood, glass and textile. This adds more movement and dynamism to your living space, and can be adapted to suit your budgetary needs (including selecting from a range of cheap radiators which don’t scrimp on style).


8. Shop Around for Bargains

Some of the best online outlets have great bargains which you won’t find anywhere else. This method of shopping may require a little more care and attention than heading to a high street store, but the rewards can be tremendous.


At stores like Designer Radiators Direct you can buy radiators online, with options suited to a wide variety of budgets and tastes. With the same level of care applied to every other item you purchase on the web, you’ll soon have created an enviable and luxurious home.


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9. Keep It Simple

Above all else, to ensure your home is luxurious without costing the earth, try and keep things simple where possible. Its a misconception that the most expensive-looking properties are filled with clutter and detail – some of the grandest spaces stick only to the essentials required for great style.


10. Conceal Technology

Clunky technological pieces (telephones, radios etc.) can be detrimental to the overall luxurious look of your room. Be sure to keep all techie items discreetly stowed when not in use, to help make the space look more timeless.