An Essential Buying Guide for Designer Radiators

Looking to buy a new radiator to adorn your home? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Buying new designer radiators for your home can be a bit of a minefield especially if this is your first attempt. We’ve created this essential guide to help you find the perfect radiator online that will deliver the heat output you need and complement your current home décor style.


Read on to discover a few of our top tips when buying designer radiators online.


Designer Radiator Brands

Knowing where to buy radiators online can be tricky, so as soon as you start your search for your perfect designer radiator, make sure that you choose a website that offers the best brands.


Not only will this give you access to the latest styles and most up to date towel radiator models, but you’ll also be able to make a purchase safe in the knowledge that you’ll be receiving a superior quality product.


Some of the top designer radiator brands to look out for include Aeon radiators, Reina radiators, DQ heating radiators and Ultraheat radiators.


Designer Vertical Radiator


Low Prices

If prices for the designer radiator you’ve got your eye on seem too good to be true, they probably are. Many lower cost radiators are available to purchase online, but what you save on price can come back to haunt you later on down the line as you discover that your new designer radiator isn’t heating up correctly, is prone to leaks or has cold spots.


Customer service is important too, so by purchasing lower quality designer radiators from a company that doesn’t invest in great service can also lead to frustration should something go wrong. Make sure that you are able to call the company in question and have any queries dealt with promptly via email before you part with any of your hard-earned cash.


Product Guarantees

Many of the designer radiators from Designer Radiators Direct come complete with robust guarantees, so before you buy radiators online, it is essential that you check that any designer radiator you are thinking of ordering online also comes with a good guarantee.


We recommend that you choose a radiator that has at least a two-year guarantee as a bare minimum. As many of our designer radiators come complete with five, ten or even twenty-five-year guarantees, you should expect to receive something similar or else run the risk of encountering problems in the future.


Delivery Timescales

Like many homeowners that are updating and improving their current central heating radiators, timing is critical. If you’ll be getting a central heating engineer or gas fitter to help you install your new designer radiators, it is vital that the company to choose to buy radiators from is able to deliver your products in time for them to be professionally fitted.


You’ll also want to know how they will be delivered before you buy radiators and how well they will be packed before they leave the warehouse. If your new purchase isn’t properly and carefully packed, it’s not uncommon to discover scratches or damages. You also want to ensure that shipping is timely so search online for reviews – a late delivery could seriously throw your renovation timescales into disarray and lead to more unnecessary expense.


Mirrored Radiator in a Contemporary Home


Designer Radiators Direct uses a professional delivery team to transport our well packed designer radiators to customers. We also offer a free delivery service, so you can rest assured that not only will your radiators be delivered in perfect condition, but you won’t need to budget for extra delivery charges.


Don’t Forget Your Accessories!

When buying a radiator online, make sure that you don’t forget to order any accessories you’ll need to install them at the same time. From towel radiator valves to die cast radiator feet for vintage-inspired cast iron radiators, Designer Radiators Direct also stocks a wide range of valves, air vents, radiator extension tails and radiator sleeve kits so that you can install your new radiators with ease.


Often one of the most overlooked items when buying a radiator online, make sure that you order any radiator accessories you need at the same time as your radiator as this can means that you’ll be free to start installing your designer radiators straight away without having to place another order.


Any good radiator online stockist will carry a large selection of radiator accessories to choose from, so make sure you choose to buy radiators from a company that is able to not only provide you with the accessories you’ll need to finish the job, but will also be able to offer you expert advice via phone or email.