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LST Radiators

One of the most important things to consider in all walks of life is safety, and in our field, we're working with some really hot stuff! This is where low surface temperature (LST) radiators come in with their safe-to-touch cases. However, just because they're safe to touch doesn't mean LST radiators aren't highly efficient heating systems.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items!

Specially designed with safety critical environments in mind, our low surface temperature radiators meet NHS guidelines for safe hot water and surface temperature, meaning where it matters most, those we care about are safe and secure. Whether you're buying for your workspace or for your home, our low surface temperature radiators are some of the most effective and stylish on the market today.

How Do LST Radiators Work?

Low surface temperature radiators are simply regular working units, however, they have cold air circulating around the radiator surface. The minimal air radiated means that the radiator surface is kept cool, whilst the hot air remains effective in warming up your room. Often, the warmth outweighs the cool air because of the use of double convector fins inside the radiator. The convector fins make sure that the heat radiated into your room or property space is extra powerful in warming up the air around it, rather than the surface of the radiator itself. These extra safe LST radiators are extra useful in spaces where children or animals are often present, as well as those who have more sensitive skin or are more prone to burns.

Our low surface temp radiators are available with a range of add-ons to make your life even easier. These include floor and wall-mounting brackets and a range of RAL colours to choose from to personalise your heating unit even further. The stylish options available at Designer Radiators Direct include both horizontal and vertical variations, ensuring that you have a radiator to suit your space. To add additional safety to your radiators check out our high quality radiator pipe sleeves, they keep your pipes safe from any damage and can stay cool to minimise burning in case little hands find them. We offer a variety of pipe sleeves to give your radiator a stylish finish. If you need added comfort here are some tips & advice to make your radiator and space more child friendly.

When choosing a new low surface temperature radiator, it's important that you choose one with the right amount of heating. To easily work out which LST radiator can give you a sufficient level of heating then check out our clever BTU calculator.

Still Can't Find What You're Looking For?

If you don’t need LST radiators then check out our range of flat panel radiators and column radiators instead. These do get hot though so be careful! If you're looking for something a little different then see our range of designer radiators for unique and stylish heaters!

If you have any questions please contact our team today, we are always happy to help.


LST Radiators Popular Questions

Do Low Surface Radiators Warm Rooms?

Low surface temperature radiators can heat rooms with ease, Just because they are cool on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard on the inside. LST radiators have a flow of colder air that cools the radiator's surface, while the inside remains hot, emitting consistent warmth for the room with a radiator that’s safe to the touch.

Who Would Benefit From Low Surface Temperature Radiators?

Anyone can benefit from LST radiators, but the people who would benefit the most are people with children and the elderly. As the surface of the radiator is a lot lower than standard radiators it stops burns happening. They are used highly in the education and healthcare buildings along with many homes so they are efficiently designed to warm spaces.

What LST Radiator Styles Are Available?

As LST radiators become more popular the range of low surface temperature radiators is growing, so now you don’t need to compromise style for safety. Now you can have both! At DRD we have a range of column radiators, flat panel radiators, towel radiators and even towel radiators with shelves for added storage. Many come with the option of RAL colours or different finishes so you can have a radiator to match your décor beautifully.