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Anthracite Grey Vertical Radiators

Anthracite vertical radiators, Low Prices Online and Free UK Delivery on Selected Items!

Anthracite vertical radiators are one of the most unique designs out there. It's a multi-faceted choice, with vertical radiators being one of the most space saving designs out there.

Part of the reason for this is that it's design has it reaching higher up than other horizontal radiators, thus making more space for furniture in smaller rooms.

Anthracite is a relatively new material with which to make radiators and is used due to its insulation qualities, being far easier and quicker to heat up than many other radiators.

Anthracite vertical radiators are also very attractive for its aesthetic qualities, being a deep black, which stands out as a style statement in any home.

For that air of considered subtlety balanced with boldness, then check out our range of anthracite vertical radiators.

Can't Find The Radiator You're Looking For?

Struggling to find the radiator you're looking for? Maybe an anthracite vertical radiator isn't for you. We have many other models of designer radiators in stock ready for easy installation. From Column Radiators to Flat Panel Radiators, no matter your home heating needs. You can always count on Designer Radiators Direct to have what you need.

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