9 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Electricity and Gas Bills

High electricity and gas bills can wreak havoc with your budgeting plans, and present a real challenge for even the most conscientious homeowner.


In this blog, we’ll outline a few easy ways for you to begin reducing your power bills, providing tips which can be immediately implemented for a smarter and more energy-efficient home.


Unplug Electrical Items

An astonishing amount of electrical consumption comes from items which aren’t being used, with around 75% of home energy use stemming directly from electronic devices which are switched off.


If this statistic isn’t enough to startle you, the shockingly high bills which follow surely will! It’s certainly not uncommon to fall into bad habits where electronic devices are concerned. Many of us struggle to get into the habit of switching off devices when they’re not being used, but thankfully there are ways to forge healthier habits.


One of the best solutions is to simply plug every device into one power strip, and remember to turn it off when not in direct use. It may take some time to get into the habit, but the results are well-worth the added effort.


Electric heating element


Keep Up to Date with Maintenance

Its easy to let the maintenance of our electronic and gas systems slide, but not only is it much safer to remember these all-important updates – it is also crucial if you want to ensure everything remains in energy-efficient, money-saving shape.


In addition to ensuring boilers are always checked at the appropriate time by a professional, you can carry out other key tasks yourself. Bleeding radiators is a simple and important task, particularly if you’ve noticed some of the radiators in your home aren’t heating to full capacity. This could be costing you a great deal of money, as well as preventing your home from getting as warm and cosy as it should.


Choose Multi-Purpose Items

Investing in chrome towel rails or a shelf-heated towel rail allows you to gain a series of great benefits, both heating your bathroom and ensuring towels are also kept warm and dry.


This is part of an ongoing trend towards multi-purpose items for the home, maximising energy-efficiency and ultimately helping to keep your energy bills low.


Switch to LED Lights

The lighting system you use has a dramatic effect on your energy bills. LED light bulbs use around 90% less energy than their incandescent counterparts, so remember to switch for the most commonly used light bulbs in your home.


As the remainder start to lose power, be sure to switch them, too – and voila – look out for the reduced energy bill as a result.


Electric Radiators


Opt for an Electric Radiator

Electric radiators and electric heated towel rails are both fantastic ways of bringing more energy efficiency into the home, without negatively effecting your lifestyle.


As well as providing a greener option, they help to reduce your household bills by cutting energy wastage. If you’re eager to stay on top of the latest trends, go for items such as chrome electric towel rails, to bring both multi-purpose functionality and a flexible, chic style to this essential piece of household kit.


Wash Clothing on a Lower Setting

Choosing to wash items on either a cold wash or simply switching to 30 degrees can have a fantastic effect on your energy bills, whilst still keeping laundry clean. This is because around 90% of the energy consumption caused by washing machines stems directly from the process of heating water.


Try this change for a short while and see how much of a difference it makes – it’ll be hard to justify a switch back to hot water! As a supplementary helper, only use your washing machine when you have a full load to get clean, as this will also help you cut down excess costs.


Add Extra Blankets

It might sound like a simple solution, but adding more blankets to your bed during the winter months is a great way to avoid energy wastage. If you’re particularly diligent, you could find that you significantly cut your heating costs – allowing you to spend the money on more interesting things.


Install a TRV


Install Motion Sensor Lighting

This can be used both indoors and outside the home, though it is most commonly found on porches as a way of illuminating the space only as and when it is truly needed. This solution needn’t cost you much to install, and the benefits will soon be evident in your reduced bills.


Lower the Thermostat

One of the simplest – and most effective – methods of reducing your energy bills, is to simply lower your thermostat. With the right insulation, there should be no problem with keeping it just a little lower.