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Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas all, today’s edition of the DRD blog is an ode to joy and prosperity. It’s a time of year for family, for friends, for warmth and giving, and there can be no greater happiness than the calm tranquility of it all.


This year we at DRD are getting into the season of giving by giving you a lovely surprise of 5% off all of our designer radiators, valves and sleeving kits (and much more!).


Christmas Banner1450183308

Just use code ‘RUDOLF’ at the checkout.


This offer will be going live on the 25th of December (Christmas Day if you weren’t sure…) and will last all the way through until midnight on New Year’s Day (so 23:59 on the 1st). This 5% can be used on any items on the website, even radiators in the normal sale!


Give It Away

Here at DRD we believe that Christmas is all about giving. Receiving a gift is a lovely thing, but to give your love, your time and your thoughts to another is truly what makes the season of giving special. We hold this adage to heart and love to go the extra mile for our customers however possible.



Whether we give out a special discount coupon, a free set of valves here, waiving a charge there, we always go to our supplier partners to secure the best deal for our customers.


Things do go wrong from time to time, if a company tells you otherwise then they aren’t being completely honest with you, but what is important is knowing that no matter what DRD will be there for you looking out for your best interests.


Opening Times

Don’t forget, over Christmas DRD will be closed from the 23rd of December, through until Monday the 4th of January. If you would like to get in touch with us please feel free to email through to and we will being working through your questions in the New Year with renewed vigour.


Have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year; See you in 2016.

Spotlight – Eskimo Woody

Good morning all, thank you for joining us for today’s Spotlight edition of the DRD Blog. This time around we’re taking a look at our superb Eskimo Woody, and reminding you that right now you could save 6% on any and all products on DRD with code ‘BF6’.


A Woody Good Time

Now you may be wondering based upon the name ‘Woody’ what we’re actually talking about; ‘A wooden radiator? Surely not!’


Well, as we often find in life; seeing is believing;



Walnut Woody

Walnut Woody


The Woody is internally comprised of the same components as Eskimo’s brilliant Outline range; a powerful and efficient ‘engine’ made from aluminium, built to provide greater heat output by more effectively transferring heat from the water into the surrounding space.


On the exterior Eskimo have taken their Outline’s regular casing out of the equation, and replaced it with beautiful Oak and Walnut.



Woody in Oak, with concealed valves using Eskimo's Hinge & Bracket System

Woody in Oak, with concealed valves using Eskimo’s Hinge & Bracket System


Responsible Practice

Ever conscious of the environment we live in; Eskimo only source their timber from sustainable, well-managed forests. With most products your key focus is what it does, and what it looks like, but the best brands are more than that. Consuming their products represents something more the act itself.


Eskimo are a prime example of a company full of passionate and caring people. They love what they do and it shows in all of their radiators, their brochure, their website, even in the technical specifications.


This joy for what they do makes Eskimo stand out, well differentiated from other designer radiator brands. You can see this in their designs and ideas, for example for the Outline Woody (and other finishes), they have crafted their ‘Hinge & Bracket System’, which allows you to completely take valves out of the equation.

With thermostatic valves concealed neatly within the radiator, you have both a wonderfully clean appearance for your radiator, but also maintain full control of the room’s temperature.


If you would like any further information about the Woody or any of Eskimo’s products, you can see our brand page just here; – or you can reach us via email at – or on our helpline on 01257 442911.